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Item: Pair of Frank Henry Shapleigh Watercolors
Inventory #: 5797
Description: Pair of watercolors of a Tuscan farm scene and a canal by
Frank Henry Shapleigh (1842-1906). Canal scene signed l/l. He painted
many sites in New Hampshire, but also studied and painted in Europe.
Found in Tucson, these are said to be from the estate of the artist.
Dimension: Framed 23-1/8” by 18-5/8”
Item: WWII Sailors Eating Ice Cream
Inventory #: 5789
Description: Painting on Masonite of two sailors “innocently” eating ice cream cones
as observed by a suspicious member of the shore patrol. Signed l/r Groves ’41.
Dimension: 23-3/4” diameter
Item: Watercolor of Elizabeth Harrington Browning
Inventory #: 5765
Description: Sweet oval watercolor on paper of Elizabeth Harrington Browning, identified and dated 1860 on the back of original frame.
Dimension: 6-3/4” high, 5-3/8” wide
Item: R. A. Miller Painting on Paneling
Inventory #: 5764
Description: Paint and marker on paneling by Georgia Outsider artist,
R. A. Miller (1912-2006). Pink-hatted elephant trainer on his animal,
along with a dinosaur, and rhino. Found many years ago in Boise, Idaho.
Dimension: 16” high, 20” wide
Item: Pair of Joan Kickbush Watercolors
Inventory #: 5728
Description: Pair of watercolors of an Alaskan boy and girl by noted
artist, Joan Arend Kickbush (1926-2006). Original acidic cardboard
backing was removed from frames and the art was then returned to
original frames. Pencil signed and dated 72.
Dimension: Framed 18-1/2” by 12-1/2”
Item: Kady B. Faulkner Watercolor
Inventory #: 5696
Description: Watercolor by NY/Nebraska artist, Kady B. Faulkner (1901-1977). Pencil signed l/r and dated 1952. Faulkner has works in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Museum of Nebraska Art and the Great Plains Art Museum, as well as others.
Dimension: Framed 22” by 28” by 1-1/2”
Item: Oil Painting of Fish and Creel
Inventory #: 5673
Description: C. late 19th or early 20th century oil on canvas of several trout
spilling out of a creel in tall grass, with the pole nearby. Every tiny detail of
this beautiful painting shimmers in natural light. Signed Crane l/l, the painting
has been professionally cleaned and a small tear invisibly repaired.
Dimension: Framed 30” by 26” by 2-1/2”
Item: Antique Oil on Canvas of Cat and Bird
Inventory #: 5652
Description: C. late 19th century sweet oil on canvas of fluffy cat with its “trophy.” Actual tone is slightly darker than photo taken with flash. No damage or repairs.
Dimension: 14” by 12”
Item: Mildred Anderberg Painting
Inventory #: 5600
Description: Oil on masonite by Washington artist, Mildred Anderberg. View
likely of Mt. Rainier, the painting is signed l/l and titled Christmas 1951 on the back.
Anderberg was an early member of the Women Painters of Washington in 1949.
Dimension: Framed 8-1/2” high, 10-1/2” wide, 7/8” deep
Item: E. Melvin Bolstad Painting
Inventory #: 5599
Description: Small original oil or acrylic on board by noted folk art artist,
E. Melvin Bolstad. Signed l/l, the painting is titled “Skaters Waltz!” and
#1-2 and dated 12-25-’64 on back.
Dimension: Framed 5” high, 6” wide, 5/8” deep
Item: Folk Art Nutty Family
Inventory #: 5549
Description: A humorous and folky piece of art made of different types of
nuts representing the heads of various named characters. Fashionable clothing
is printed in color below each head. Fine original condition, likely in original
frame. Copyright date 1907. I have been able to find only one other on line,
on a popular high-end Internet decorator site.
Dimension: Framed 11-1/2 by 30-1/2 by 1-1/2”
Item: Antique Oil on Board of Cows
Inventory #: 5548
Description: Painting of two cows standing in a stream. One cow seems to have
lifted her head in the act of drinking, which accounts for the nose drips. A very
folky piece painted on board with a label on back. The art supply firm, F.W.
Devoe, did business at the noted location in the mid- to late-19th century.
Dimension: Framed 17-1/4 by 20-1/2 by ½”
Item: Illustration Art for Tea-Time Tales
Inventory #: 5525
Description: Original book cover illustration for “Tea-Time Tales,” part
of a series of children’s books published by Birn Brothers Ltd. in mid-
20th century London. The watercolor on illustration board is beautifully
and precisely done. A penciled “OK” with illegible signature on the back,
next to a typed reference number was presumably done by an editor.
A label with bar code is also attached, clearly not original to the piece.
Dimension: 16-1/4” by 12-3/4”
Item: Joan Arend Kickbush Oil Painting
Inventory #: 5524
Description: Unframed oil painting on masonite by listed Alaska artist,
Joan Arend Kickbush (1926-2006). This charming painting of a little
girl reading a book and her dog is signed l/r and dated 74.
Dimension: 17-7/8” by 11-3/4”
Item: Antique Folky Painting of Terriers and Rat
Inventory #: 5496
Description: Folky oil on board of two terriers pursuing a rat.
Their efforts are fruitless; the dogs are chained, the rat has avoided
a trap, and is escaping through a hole in the floor.
Dimension: Frame 13-3/8” high, 15-5/16” wide, 3/4” deep
Item: Vintage Etching or Engraving of Elk
Inventory #: 5492
Description: Colored etching or engraving of an elk or
moose. Beautifully done. Signed l/r with cipher and Deppe 26.
Dimension: Frame 14-1/4” high, 11-1/4” wide, 1/2” deep
Item: Antique Reverse Painting on Glass of Girl and Cat
Inventory #: 5464
Description: C. early 20th Century reverse painting on glass of girl and cat
descending staircase. Doll and girl’s shoe lie at the foot of the stairs. Appears
to be in original lemon gold frame with some scratches. (The large spot on
the girl’s head is camera flash.) A few years ago, I saw an oil painting of this
same picture at an antiques show. It was wearing a “Sold” tag, so no
information was available at that time.
Dimension: 13-1/4” high, 9-5/8” wide, 1” deep
Item: Antique Folk Art Reverse Painting on Glass of Napoleon
Inventory #: 5463
Description: Very folky reverse painting on glass of Napoleon.
Similar to C. early 19th century reverse paintings of historical figures.
Original frame and wood back. Good original condition.
Dimension: 10-1/2” high, 7-3/4” wide, ½” deep
Item: Antique Triptych Icon of Nursing Madonna
Inventory #: 5454
Description: Beautiful hand-carved and -painted nursing Madonna
triptych icon with saints in the side panels. May be as early as
17th century, but still shows vibrant gold and colors and condition.
Dimension: Closed 17-1/2 high, 8-3/4” wide, 1-1/2” deep. Open 17-3/4” wide.
Item: Max Bachofen Watercolor
Inventory #: 5421
Description: Watercolor of farm in snowy landscape
by Max Bachofen, (Swiss, 1903-1987). Signed l/r.
Dimension: Framed 21” by 26-3/4” by ½”
Item: Watercolor by Roy C. Townsend
Inventory #: 4573
Description: Unique watercolor of many different Indian headdresses
and weapons by Roy C. Townsend. In original frame and signed l/r.
Dimension: Framed 22-3/4” by 27-3/4” by 1-1/2”
Item: Alexandre Gregoire Oil Painting
Inventory #: 5398
Description: This colorful oil painting on masonite is titled “Ceremonie”.
Painted by the listed Haitian artist, Alexandre Gregoire (1922-2001), the back
shows a partial label from the Hokin Gallery, Inc. in Palm Beach, FL,
as well as a shipping label for a previous owner. The painting is in
beautiful original condition and is signed l/r.
Dimension: 24” by 36”; framed 31-1/4” by 43”
Item: Watercolor of Two Men Returning from the Hunt
Inventory #: 5264
Description: European watercolor of two men and a dog returning
home from hunting. Illegibly signed and dated l/r 27 VII [July] 45.
Dimension: Framed 13-3/4 by 17-3/4”
Item: Giovanni Romagnoli Watercolor
Inventory #: 5263
Description: C. 1940s watercolor of two men and a camel in the desert by listed
artist Giovanni Romagnoli (1893-1976). Signed and titled Saudi Arabia l/l.
Dimension: Framed 14-3/4” by 17-3/4”
Item: Folky Painting of Dog
Inventory #: 5180
Description: Old folk art painting on cardboard of a dog leaning on a shillelagh.
Above his head is a note giving his age as 4 weeks – hard to believe given
his self-satisfied look. In a gold Victorian frame.
Dimension: 17” by 13-3/4” framed
Item: Four Kittens Watercolor
Inventory #: 5054
Description: C. late19th-early 20th century watercolor and
gouache of four kittens playing with ribbon. Signed l/r Carter.
Dimension: 8-1/8" by 17-1/8"
Item: Painting of Swedish Home
Inventory #: 5037
Description: Beautifully painted Swedish home, with provenance. The house
would be c. mid-19th century. The painting is signed but not dated.
Dimension: 13-1/4" by 17-1/4"
Item: Folky Painting of Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Inventory #: 5036
Description: Well-done folky painting of a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes.
Based on the deco feel of the border, I'd guess this is c. 1930s.
Dimension: 15-1/4" by 12"
Item: Four Puppies Oil on Canvas
Inventory #: 5035
Description: C. early century oil on canvas of four puppies.
Sweet unsigned picture in fine condition.
Dimension: 11" by 31-1/2"
Item: Still Life of Peaches and Cherries
Inventory #: 5029
Description: Folky still life on board of peaches and cherries spilling out of a bowl. C. early 1900s artist's board is marked D.M. Campana Art Co, Chicago, on back.
Dimension: 17" by 22-1/2"
Item: Colored Drawing, "My Old Home as a Boy…."
Inventory #: 5021
Description: Folk art drawing of family in Kearney, Nebraska, 1904, by
R.W. Walker, dated 1952. Names of the people are printed along the bottom
of the drawing. Pairs with #5020. Unique and all you want in folk art.
Dimension: Frame 15-1/4" by 21-1/4"
Item: Colored Drawing, "My Great Uncle's Store About 1865"
Inventory #: 5020
Description: Folk art drawing from an old family photo by R.W. Walker,
Laramie, WY and dated 1952. Marvelous unique folk art paired with #5021.
Dimension: Frame 15-1/4" by 21-1/4"
Item: Graphite Folk Art Picture
Inventory #: 5015
Description: Graphite farm scene titled "Home of Dr. A. Clarke".
L/r reads "Sketched from Nature/Sept. 12th 1868". Back made from
wood packing crate. Lots of activity in this picture.
Dimension: Framed 11" by 17-1/4"
Item: Pair of Miniature Portraits
Inventory #: 4999
Description: Early 19th C. miniature oval portraits of a man and a woman - folk
art pictures striving to be fine art. Each is watercolor on a cardboard – some
pockmarks on cardboard but the images are in fine condition. Turquoise and gold
corners are applied. Identical carved original frames. A sweet pair of portraits.
Dimension: Frames 6" by 4-3/4". Sight 4-1/8" by 2-3/4"
Item: Three Watercolors by Ruth Buckingham
Inventory #: 4973
Description: Three wonderfully-naïve, folky watercolors signed Ruth M.
Buckingham. (Address label on the back of one picture has Ms. Buckingham's
address as Newark, Del.) Left to right, the pictures are titled New London
Farm, Maryland Farm House, and Lewisville, PA Farm.
Dimension: 5" by 8" cards in 8" by 10" mats.
Item: Nine Pictures by Arne Jensen
Inventory #: 4972
Description: Nine small print and watercolor pictures by Arne Jensen. All individual pictures are titled and signed by Jensen. Arne Jensen is a listed artist, born in Minnesota in 1906. He moved to the Northwest and began his career painting posters for a Seattle vaudeville theater at age 15. He studied with Eustace Ziegler.
Dimension: Each picture 4-1/8" by 6" within 23-3/4" by 28-1/2" frame.
Item: Elizabeth Warhanik Watercolor
Inventory #: 4905
Description: Watercolor of flowers in a brown vase by Seattle artist Elizabeth Campbell Warhanik (1880-1968). Signed l/r and in a labeled frame by Lloyd E. Jensen. From the Seattle estate of a personal friend of Warhanik.
Dimension: Framed 30-1/2" by 26-1/4".
Item: Elizabeth Warhanik Watercolor
Inventory #: 4904
Description: Watercolor of flowers in a pitcher with a blue bowl by Seattle artist Elizabeth Campbell Warhanik (1880-1968). Signed l/l and in a labeled frame by
Lloyd E. Jensen. From the Seattle estate of a personal friend of Warhanik.
Dimension: Framed 29" by 24".
Item: Elizabeth Warhanik Oil Painting
Inventory #: 4903
Description: Oil on board of flowers in a turquoise vase by Seattle artist Elizabeth Campbell Warhanik (1880-1968). Signed l/r and in a frame probably by the noted carver, Lloyd E. Jensen. From the Seattle estate of a personal friend of Warhanik.
Dimension: Framed 28-1/2" by 24-1/2".
Item: Still Life with Oranges and Watermelon
Inventory #: 4816
Description: C. 1900 oil on canvas of oranges and a watermelon. Signature l/r
may be Martha Becker. No-see small repair and touch-up to one orange.
Dimension: 16” by 28” framed; 12” by 23-1/2” sight.
Item: Olive Malstrom Carl Watercolor
Inventory #: 4668
Description: Lovely watercolor by listed Washington artist
Olive Carl (1903-1988) of a bouquet of flowers in a cut glass footed vase.
Signed l/l in a contemporary frame.
Dimension: 25” by 19” framed; 16-1/2” by 12” sight.
Item: Pair of Fairy Tale Paintings
Inventory #: 4649
Description: C. early 1900’s paintings on cardboard reminiscent of a
fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Wonderful folky appeal in identical frames that
form a “window” looking out on the bucolic scene. Fine original condition.
Dimension: 25-1/2” by 12”
Item: Mid-century Impressionistic Brazilian Oil on Canvas
Inventory #: 4621
Description: Beautiful impressionistic oil on canvas of a woman washing clothes
at water’s edge. Signed and dated 1952 l/r and on the reverse. Signature
appears as JB dePaula Fonseca. Original frame has only a couple nicks.
Dimension: Framed 18-1/2” by 21-3/4”. Sight 13” by 16-1/2”.
Item: Painting of Bears on Tin
Inventory #: 4602
Description: Naïve, folky painting of the proverbial bears in the woods.
The bears are indulging themselves in a variety of guilty pleasures, and a
mountain river separates them from campers and a dog at the lower right.
Dimension: 26-1/2” by 32-1/2”.
Wood frame with applied tin corners is 1-3/4” wide.
Item: Home Insurance Company Sign
Inventory #: 4601
Description: Sign painted on glass of the Home Insurance Company of New York in original oak frame. The Home Insurance Company was organized in 1853 and was said by some to be among the “greatest of all the fire insurance companies in America.” This sign is probably from the late 19th or early 20th century.
Dimension: 24-3/4” by 35” framed. Oak frame is 3” wide.
Item: Oil Painting of Two boys
Inventory #: 4585
Description: Early Victorian oil on canvas of two boys, probably brothers
and probably wealthy. Purchased in South Carolina in the mid-20th century.
Beautifully rendered painting of two confident young boys.
Dimension: 38-1/4” by 34”
Item: Helena Maguire Watercolor on Paper
Inventory #: 4578
Description: Watercolor on paper by listed British artist,
Helena J. Maguire (1860-1909). This profile head of a
St. Bernard may have been a study for another work. Signed l/r.
Dimension: 9.5” X 7.5” sight, 14.5” X 12.5” framed.
Item: Eugene Carriere Watercolor
Inventory #: 4576
Description: Pencil and watercolor portrait of a seated man, c. late 19th century, by listed French artist, Eugene Anatole Carriere (1849-1906). Pleasing image, signed l/r.
Dimension: 7.5” X 5.5” sight, 12.75” X 11” framed.
Item: Painting on Tin
Inventory #: 4548
Description: Late 1800s-early 1900s folky painting on tin of a
buck with two does. Beautiful Victorian frame.
Dimension: Framed 18-3/4 by 25-1/2. Sight 11-1/2 by 18.
Item: Edward Turner Watercolor
Inventory #: 4547
Description: Seaside village and boats watercolor by listed American
artist, Edward L. Turner. Signed and dated ’56 lower right.
Dimension: Framed 21-3/4” by 27-1/2”. Sight 14” by 20”.
Item: Luminous Seascape Oil on Canvas
Inventory #: 4543
Description: Beautiful 19th C. oil on canvas seascape. A master artist painted this scene with a barely visible sun and a sailboat in the distance. Monogram initials l/r N.F. or H.F. “Vickery” written on back stretcher; if any relationship, probably would be to 19th C. British artist, Charles Vickery. Stunning heavy gilt frame.
Dimension: 9-1/2” by 21-1/4” sight. 18” by 30” framed
Item: Folk Art Picture of Horse and Rider
Inventory #: 4510
Description: This pen on artist board is titled “Field & Forest Filly”
and is signed Simmers and dated ’84 l/r.
Dimension: 27-3/4” by 21-3/4”
Item: Folk Art Picture of Geese
Inventory #: 4509
Description: Picture titled “Game Geese Gallivanting” by self-taught
artist Theodore Ivan Simmers. Signed and dated ’86 l/r, this is done
in pen on artist board.
Dimension: 21-3/4” by 27-3/4”
Item: Folk Art Picture of Deer
Inventory #: 4508
Description: One of a set of four pictures (one of which has sold) on artist board done in colored pen by self-taught artist Theodore Ivan Simmers. This is titled “Pere David’s Deer, Peking, China” and is signed and dated [19]’84 l/r. These were found at a Nebraska farm auction years ago and were speculated to have been made and sold to raise money for missionary work. All pictures have the same type of lattice framing in the back as is pictured here.
Dimension: 21-3/4” by 27-3/4”
Item: Pair of Specimen Paintings with Tin Gathering Box
Inventory #: 4532
Description: A lovely pair of mid-19th century specimen paintings, probably from New York or Boston. The frames are slightly different, with chamfered wood backs on both pieces. These came from the Michigan estate of two sisters, according to the dealer from whom they were purchased. The colors are still vibrant (one suffers from glare in my photo) and they are beautiful examples of this type of work. A tin box that was used to gather the leaves and other materials from nature to be incorporated into the pictures is included with the pictures.
Dimension: Framed 9-1/2” by 11-3/4” and 9-3/4” by 11-7/8”.
Box 10-1/2” long by 4-1/4” deep.
set of 3 pieces
Item: Edith Hynes Oil on Masonite
Inventory #: 4530
Description: Oil painting by listed California artist Edith Hynes.
The Impressionistic picture shows people and animals along a waterway.
Signed in two places.
Dimension: 14-1/2” by 19” sight. Framed 15-3/4” by 19-3/4”
Item: John D. Taylor Oil on Canvas
Inventory #: 4463
Description: 19th C. oil painting on canvas in original frame by Scottish artist John D. Taylor ( -1900). Scene of woman carrying sticks on a forested path
with a lake and mountains in the background. Signed l/l John D Taylor.
Dimension: Framed 19-1/4” by 15-1/4”.
Item: Oil on Board of Bull Terrier
Inventory #: 4461
Description: Oil on board of a handsome white bull terrier wearing a
gold and jeweled collar. Dated and signed l/r 1957, Scheemelke.
Well-rendered portrait of a confident canine.
Dimension: 12” by 16”, framed 17” by 21”
Item: Samuel A. Kilbourne Chromolithograph
Inventory #: 4457
Description: Chromolithograph: Massachusetts artist Samuel A. Kilbourne
(1836-1881). Variously titled “Mackerel” or “Spanish Mackerel.”
Plate signed and dated 1878 l/l. Matted in black and green frame.
Dimension: Framed 19-1/2” by 25-1/2”
Item: Still Life of Grapes and Peaches
Inventory #: 4437
Description: Oil on artist board by listed Seattle artist, Alma Royer Lorraine
(1858-1952). Signed l/r. Early 20th C. picture in lovely original period frame.
Dimension: 20-1/2” by 14-1/2”.
Item: Watercolor of Sailing Boat at Sunrise or Sunset
Inventory #: 4438
Description: Charming impressionist watercolor of small sailing boat
at sunrise or sunset. Signed indistinctly l/l. A little beauty!
Dimension: 4” by 5”. Framed 12-1/4” by 15-1/4”.
Item: Watercolor of Field of Flowers
Inventory #: 4434
Description: Watercolor by Royal Canadian Academy artist, Thomas
Mower Martin (1838-1934). On paper laid on heavy paper. Back mat
has pencil inscription, Mitchell’s Point/Columbia River Highway.
Dimension: Watercolor 5” by 7”, with mat 8” by 10”
Item: Watercolor of Laplanders
Inventory #: 4433
Description: Impressionistic watercolor of Scandinavian scene with
Laplanders and their tent, sled, and reindeer. Signed indistinctly l/l.
Dimension: Framed 21” by 28-3/4”
Item: Watercolor of Romanian Saint Calinic
Inventory #: 4435
Description: Lovely and detailed watercolor of Calinic de la Cernica,
Romanian saint (1787-1868). Circa late 19th century.
Dimension: Framed 16” by 12”
Item: Watercolor of Grandma’s Helper
Inventory #: 2086
Description: Charming watercolor of 19th Century interior. A young
boy’s friends stand in a doorway as he helps Grandma wind yarn.
The family cats and dog complete the picture.
Dimension: Framed 30” by 26”
Item: Alexander Pope, Jr. Print
Inventory #: 4413
Description: Alexander Pope, Jr. (Am. 1849-1924) print, “Buffle
Headed Ducks.” Signature l/r A. Pope Jn. Retailed by Abercrombie &
Fitch; original tags still attached to back. Back shows some moisture,
but no stains apparent on the print itself.
Dimension: Framed 20” by 25”
Item: Oil on Canvas of Sheep
Inventory #: 1300
Description: Beautiful oil on canvas of sheep grazing in a rural setting, with rolling hills and trees in the background. Gorgeous original gesso frame.
Signed l/r by 19th century British artist, C.W. Oswald.
Dimension: 23” by 14-3/4” sight; canvas 16” by 8-1/4”
Item: Oil Painting of Great Dane
Inventory #: 4352
Description: Oil painting on what may be canvas board by New York
artist Lillian Tiffany. Handsome dog in an Arts and Crafts-appearance
library. Original frame. Signed lower left L. Tiffany 38.
Dimension: Framed 18-1/2” by 22-1/2”
Item: Will Rogers Memorial
Inventory #: 4359
Description: Wonderful folky oil on board of the Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore, OK. The memorial opened in 1938, so this painting is probably mid-century. It is in an equally folky hand-painted frame. Signed lower right.
Dimension: Framed 16-3/4” by 23”.
Item: Oil on Canvas by Mario Passoni
Inventory #: 4274
Description: Impressionistic picture of fishing boats along a coastline
by listed contemporary Italian artist Mario Passoni.
Provenance: Maresca Gallery, Naples, Italy.
Dimension: 9” by 10” sight; 15-1/2” by 17-1/2” framed.
Item: Painting on Artist Board
Inventory #: 4264
Description: Some texture to the oils in this painting signed on back N. Light/Maine. Folky scene of seacoast with a lighthouse and an American flag on a pole. In a charming alligatored dark wood frame.
Dimension: 10” by 14-1/8” image; 15-3/8” by 19-1/2” frame
Item: Watercolor on Paper by E. S. Shrapnel
Inventory #: 4140
Description: Small watercolor signed l/l E. S. Shrapnel 1914 (Canada, Edward Scope Shrapnel, 1854-1921). Charming winter scene of dog, woodsman, & what might be Little Red Riding Hood. Appropriate period, but not original, frame.
Dimension: 7-1/2 by 9-1/2 (sight with mat); 18-1/2 by 20-1/2 (framed).
Item: Watercolor of Heart with Flowers
Inventory #: 4132
Description: Small watercolor of heart pierced by sword and surrounded by flowers. Beautifully painted and cherished enough that small tear to paper was repaired. Undoubtedly has religious significance.
Dimension: 8-3/4” high by 5-1/2”wide in period but not original 12-3/4” by 9-1/2” by 1-3/4” frame.
Item: Watercolor of Woman in Blue Dress
Inventory #: 4133
Description: Early to mid-19th C. lovely watercolor on paper of woman wearing a blue dress with an open book on the table in front of her. Her bonnet is elaborate and she’s sufficiently wealthy to be showing gold jewelry and belt buckle. This is a beautiful work of art.
Dimension: 5-1/2” high by 4-3/4” wide in period
but not original 11-3/4” by 11” by 2-1/4” frame.
Item: Watercolor of a Farm Scene
Inventory #: 1947
Description: European, c 1930s
Dimensions: 25” by 27 ½ ”
Item: Fractur
Inventory #: 1586
Description: Printed and watercolor. Reading, PA, Ritter, d. 1833.
Dimension: 14” by 18”
Item: Clyde Leon Keller Oil on Board
Inventory #: 3075
Description: Picture titled "Incoming Tide" (Oregon Coast at Pirate's Cove). Signed front l/l and dated 1946. Beautiful piece by Oregon's well-known and loved artist. Original good condition with heavier paint laid down representing waves. Original paper backing (torn in places) includes signature, title, and original typed label with Keller biography
Dimension: Image size is 18” by 24”, surrounded by 1” original frame.


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