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Item: Antique Japanese Bronze Candlestick
Inventory #: 5787
Description: Antique Japanese bronze tray base candlestick
with hook on side for hanging nippers (now lost).
Dimension: 28-3/4” high, base 10-1/2” diameter
Item: Pair Antique Japanese Copper Candlesticks
Inventory #: 5786
Description: Pair of antique Japanese copper candlesticks
(Shokudai) with kiku base. From a Tucson, Arizona, estate.
Dimension: 27-1/4” high, base 6-3/4” diameter
Item: Antique Japanese Black Lacquer Candlesticks
Inventory #: 5735
Description: Japanese black lacquer candlesticks with chrysanthemum base.
Minor nicks and loss to small metal connector in one stick.
Dimension: 13-3/4” high, base 4-5/8” diameter
Item: Pair of Antique Japanese Bronze Vases
Inventory #: 5143
Description: Pair of bronze vases with relief flying birds and
flowering branches and bird of paradise handles.
Dimension: 8-3/4” high, 3-1/4” top diameter
Item: Antique Chinese Wood Card Case
Inventory #: 5141
Description: Late 19th century deeply carved Chinese card case,
with central silver monogrammed cartouche. Back center and
corners also deeply carved. Minor age cracks.
Dimension: 4-1/2” high, 3” wide, ¾” deep
Item: Nippon Vase in Woven Wicker Basket
Inventory #: 4974
Description: Unusual, possibly unique, Nippon vase with base in woven
wicker. This wicker basket is common in Nippon wine jugs, but is unusual
in a vase. Matte peach design. Beautiful condition.
Dimension: 5-1/2" tall
Item: Blown-out Lion and Lioness Tobacco Humidor
Inventory #: 4890
Description: This blown-out or relief Nippon humidor looks good, but
actually has a significant amount of damage. There are a number of
hairlines and chips inside both the bottom and top of the humidor. From
the outside, the piece appears intact and would be a good placeholder to
fill out a collection until a more pristine example could be found.
Dimension: 7-1/4" tall.
Item: Antique Chinese Scroll
Inventory #: 4877
Description: Antique Chinese ancestor portrait scroll. Some minor tears and
nibbles along top edge but fine detail and color in husband and wife portraits.
Dimension: 62" by 27-1/4".
Item: Moriage Flying Geese Lamp
Inventory #: 4428
Description: Scarce flying geese lamp with white moriage decoration
on front and back. Two handles with brown moriage decoration.
Lamp is in fine condition. Shade is a replacement.
Dimension: 12-1/2” tall, approximately 7” diameter.
Item: Ewer
Inventory #: 4141
Description: Cobalt ewer with matte sailing ship design.
Fine condition. Van Patten blue mark #52.
Dimension: 11” tall.
Item: Nippon Plaque of Ruins
Inventory #: 1088
Description: Nippon matte plaque of ruins. Green mark #47.
Dimension: 10” diameter
Item: Porcelain Candlestick
Inventory #: 2008
Description: Nippon; c 1910; Gouda style; green mark #47
Dimension: 8 ” tall

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