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Item: World War II Banner
Inventory #: 5816
Description: Handmade banner of canvas with hand-cut green camo date, and
fabric and cotton or felt letters and symbols. Visible “ghosts” of other letters, so
canvas was recycled. Depicts 1943 meet in Spokane (WA) of Army, Marines,
Air Force, and Navy. Flags on the reverse depict those from the colonial era to
early American, as well as some British flags. The latest American flag has 48
stars. The actual purpose of the banner is not known, although it surely is unique.
Dimension: 34” by 56-1/2”
Item: Antique Indian Scout Cloth Doll
Inventory #: 5809
Description: This doll is fabulous! Deaccessioned from an Arizona museum, the doll gives every appearance of representing an Indian scout. He is hand-sewn and made of stuffed cloth, with grass or straw stuffed in his lower legs. His head and clothing are of tanned hide. He has a pinched nose, thread eyebrows and mouth, bead eyes and a red war stripe on one cheek. He has a black fabric head/scalp with thread braids. Under his coat he wears a blue and white striped cotton undergarment, over which is a hide front and back loincloth outlined in silk. He may be unique, since I’ve looked and haven’t found anything like him.
Dimension: 19” tall
Item: Vintage Diorama of Mice Playing Cards
Inventory #: 5733
Description: Spectacular detail in this diorama of mice in fancy dresses and
hats playing cards. Their game is conducted in a drawing room with upscale
furniture, candelabra, net curtains, a round mirror, and a tea service ready to
be served when the “ladies” have finished their game. Great example of folk art.
Dimension: 10” high, 13” wide, 7-3/4” deep
Item: Antique Black Boy Doll
Inventory #: 5796
Description: C. 1900 stocking doll of black boy with light-colored hair. He is
hand-sewn with a stitched raised nose, embroidered features, button eyes, and
jointed legs and arms. Firmly stuffed and heavy, he has mitten hands but no feet.
Comes as I bought him, with hand and treadle-sewn blue and white striped bib
overalls, matching jacket, pink striped shirt, white underpants and only one stocking.
Dimension: 23” tall
Item: Carved Plate with Painted Kitty
Inventory #: 5792
Description: Vintage plate with leaf and vine carved perimeter
with a center painting of a kitty.
Dimension: Plate 8-5/8” diameter, kitty 4-3/4” diameter
Item: Carving of a Sioux Indian
Inventory #: 5791
Description: C. 1930s soft wood painted carving of, and we’re told by,
a Sioux Indian. Handmade vest with some surviving beadwork.
Dimension: 6-1/4” high, custom stand 2 by 2”
Item: Vintage Carving of a Hunter
Inventory #: 5790
Description: Vintage carving of a hunter, c. 1940. Wonderful painting and
details in his uniform, including his tiny rifle carried under his arm.
Dimension: 7-3/8” high, base 4” by 2-3/4”
Item: Vintage Carnival Knockdown Ladies
Inventory #: 5788
Description: Unique, hand-painted, wonderful folk art carnival knockdowns
of three ladies. Wood cylinders covered with moleskin then dressed
in cotton “dresses.” Painted canvas faces with yarn hair. These
aren’t production pieces, and I don’t think you’ll see their like again. From
the collection of Chicago/Arizona collectors Jim and Judy Bruce.
Dimension: All 13” high; one on wood base 5-1/2” wide, 4-1/4” deep, 1” high
Item: Antique Game Board
Inventory #: 5784
Description: Hand painted checkers game board with diagonal crack, signed on back “Made 1889/Frank P. Wanner”. Raised on three pieces of wood attached to back.
Dimension: 17” high, 22” wide, 1-1/2” thick
Item: Carnival Knock-Down Milk Bottles
Inventory #: 5783
Description: Vintage carnival knock-down milk bottles. Five painted
white wood bottles and one ball, which is probably not original to the set.
Dimension: 7-3/4” high, base 2-5/8” diameter
Item: Antique Box with Painted Birds
Inventory #: 5782
Description: C. early 19th century pine slight dome top box with original
painting of birds and flowers on black ground. Shows aged paint wear
but much color still vibrant. Original lock with missing hasp. Hinges may
be old replacements. Old padded fabric lining.
Dimension: 7-1/2” high, 11-1/4” wide, 7-3/8” deep
Item: Cast Aluminum Horse
Inventory #: 5781
Description: C. mid-century or earlier cast aluminum horse. Looks like
the Dexter horse weathervane. Slightly molded but mostly flat with holes
indicating it was attached to something at some point in its life.
Dimension: 36” long, 18” high
Item: Outsider Art Lion
Inventory #: 5780
Description: This handsome carved and painted recumbent lion came from the
Heart of Country shows in Nashville many years ago. Unsigned, but with
an Outsider Art look, he could be roaring or perhaps he’s just sleepy.
Dimension: 18-1/2” long, 4” wide, 5” high
Item: Antique Large Metal Quilt Template
Inventory #: 5775
Description: 19th century unusually large tin template for an appliqued quilt.
Small hole in one end for hanging. Expected surface areas of oxidation.
A rare find from a collection in Berks County, PA.
Dimension: 13-1/4” corner to corner
Item: Vintage Metal Horse Template
Inventory #: 5774
Description: Antique to vintage hand-cut sheet metal horse template. Form
resembles that of antique horse weathervanes, so perhaps it was cut for
that purpose. Purchased from seller who found this in Berks County, PA.
Dimension: 24-1/2” long nose to tail, 12-1/2” high
Item: Antique Covered Treen Jar
Inventory #: 5772
Description: C. 19th century covered treen jar. The interior of the bottom has
been hand chipped out of the solid, and the cover and bottom are beautifully
carved and turned, each from a single piece of wood. The turned concentric
circles of the bottom are a lovely patinated and alligatored mustard color.
Dimension: 12” high, base 4-1/2” diameter
Item: Sailor-made Ropework Trinket Basket
Inventory #: 1984
Description: 19th c. sailor-made ropework and macramé trinket basket. A quilted
burgundy fabric over what appears to be some type of animal skin (seal perhaps)
pads the inside. Blue ribbon intertwines the perimeter of the basket.
Dimension: 2-1/2” high, 6-1/2” long, 4” deep.
Item: Carnival Shooting Gallery Targets
Inventory #: 5769
Description: Vintage carnival shooting gallery swinging targets. Three graduated size yellow iron discs swing from an iron rack, which is mounted on a custom wood stand.
Dimension: 13-1/4” high, 10-5/8” wide. Base 7” by 13-1/4”.
Item: Carnival Shooting Gallery Targets
Inventory #: 5768
Description: Vintage carnival shooting gallery swinging targets. The iron duck, pig, turkey, and ram swing from an iron rack, which is mounted on a custom wood stand.
Dimension: 19” high, 22-3/4” wide. Base 8-3/4” by 26-1/2”.
Item: Engraved Powder Horn
Inventory #: 5767
Description: Antique beautifully engraved or scratch carved powder horn of hunter with high brim hat and long gun, Indian on horseback, and various animals in trees.
Dimension: 9-1/2” along curve; 2-1/2” at bottom
Item: Model Inuit in Kayak
Inventory #: 5766
Description: C. late 19th century model of Inuit in kayak. Skin on frame long
kayak with bone components. Inuit with carved face comprised of wood with
hand-sewn cotton parka. Wood and bone harpoon and other implements.
Dimension: 16” long, 2-3/4” at widest, 3-1/2” high
Item: Oversized Corncob Pipe
Inventory #: 5763
Description: Vintage oversized corncob pipe. Bowl reads “To/ the Boss/
from/ the S_horse Gang.” Very realistic and wonderful folk art.
Dimension: 21-1/4” long, 7” high, bowl 4-3/4” diameter
Item: Wood Oversized Safety Pin
Inventory #: 5762
Description: Vintage oversized safety pin. Painted to simulate wear.
The long body with the sharp tip actually moves like a real safety pin. Great folk art.
Dimension: 32” long, 9-3/4” high, 1-1/2” deep
Item: Wood and Metal Oversized Razor
Inventory #: 5761
Description: Vintage wood and metal oversized razor or
trade sign. Heavy metal blade.
Dimension: Closed 19-3/4” long, 2” high, 1” deep
Item: Wood Oversized Razor
Inventory #: 5760
Description: Vintage all-wood oversized razor or trade sign.
Wood blade is painted gray to resemble metal.
Dimension: Closed 12” long, 2-1/2” high, ¾” deep
Item: Dog/Chicken Book Box
Inventory #: 5738
Description: Unique folk art box in the form of a book.
Applied cutout of a dog on front and a chicken on back. Red-painted interior.
Dimension: 11-3/4” high, 10-5/8” wide, 2-1/4” deep
Item: Antique Swedish Painted Wool Hand Carders
Inventory #: 5722
Description: A pair of hand-painted, Swedish folk art hand carders for
preparing wool. With a floral design, initials, and the date 1855, these may
have been a love token. Small chip missing from one corner.
Dimension: 10” high, 9-3/4” wide
Item: Antique Horseshoe Frame
Inventory #: 5730
Description: Outstanding folk art frame in the shape of a horseshoe, with an interior with applied flowers and the initials J.M.B. Heavily carved horseshoe painted gold. This is a gorgeous piece of art in itself that really doesn’t need a picture in the center.
Dimension: 13-1/2” by 12” by 2-1/2”; opening 5-3/4” by 3-3/4”
Item: Large Game Wheel
Inventory #: 5721
Description: Large early 20th C. green and yellow game wheel.
Double, and in places triple, rows of numbers.
Dimension: 31-1/2” diameter
Item: 19th C. Sailor-Carved Coconut Drinking Cups
Inventory #: 5714 (a) and (b)
Description: Two sailor-carved coconut drinking cups. The (a) cup shows
a woman and a man kneeling before her. The (b) cup is the profile of a
woman. Both cups are beautifully and elaborately carved. (a) has a chip
at the bottom and (b) has a line fracture to the left side.
Dimension: (a) 4-1/4”; (b) 4-1/2”
(a) $625;
(b) $695
Item: Antique Sailor’s Woolie
Inventory #: 5691
Description: 19th century sailor’s woolie of a three-masted British Royal
Navy Ship in full sail with a red ensign and three red banners. A second ship
is in the left background. Fine condition in what may be original frame.
From the Weyerhaeuser Company corporate art collection.
Dimension: Framed 16-1/2” by 20-3/4” by ¾”
Item: Antique Sailor’s Woolie
Inventory #: 5690
Description: 19th century sailor’s woolie of a three-masted British Royal
Navy ship with unfurled sails and white ensign flag. May be in original frame.
From the Weyerhaeuser Company corporate art collection.
Dimension: Framed 18” by 22-3/4” by 1-1/2”
Item: Ouren Seed Sign
Inventory #: 5689
Description: Vintage hand-made sign for the Ouren Seed Co., Norfolk, Nebr.
This sign is in the shape of the state and was hand made entirely of corn and other
seeds by a greatly skilled DeeAnn Miller in 1962. You will not find another like this.
Dimension: 18” by 30”
Item: Mexican Ex-Voto – Mariana Serrano
Inventory #: 5659
Description: Ex-voto about Mariana Serrano, dated Feb 1945.
Translation on the reverse.
Dimension: 6-3/4” by 4-3/4”
Item: Mexican Ex-Voto – Two Kneeling Women
Inventory #: 5658
Description: Ex-voto on tin of two kneeling women.
Written information is illegible.
Dimension: 6” by 8-1/2”
Item: Mexican Ex-Voto – Operation 1973
Inventory #: 5657
Description: Ex-voto on tin regarding a medical operation in 1973.
Dimension: 7-1/8” by 9-5/8”
Item: Mexican Ex-Voto - Operation
Inventory #: 5656
Description: Ex-voto of a doctor and nurse attending a woman on an operating table. Most are painted on tin, but this one is sheet iron. (An ex-voto is an offering to a saint or divinity in gratitude or devotion. Anne Baxter was a collector of ex-votos (I have several from her collection) and Anderson Cooper’s home in Brazil has several decorating a wall.)
Dimension: 10” by 12-1/4”
Item: Vintage Vampire Parade Head
Inventory #: 5596
Description: This hand-made papier mache vampire head was probably
part of a parade float. He is in good condition, artistically constructed,
and makes a scary statement on his tall pole.
Dimension: Approximately 32” high, 24” wide, 19” deep; 80” high on stand
Item: Antique Norwegian Viksdal Pantry Box
Inventory #: 5651
Description: Another antique Norwegian round pantry box in the
Viksdal style of rosemaling. This box has a label with somewhat illegible
family history. It also has an unusual light metal carrying handle on the side.
Dimension: 10-1/4” by 4”
Item: Antique Norwegian Viksdal Pantry Box
Inventory #: 5650
Description: Antique Norwegian round pantry box in the Viksdal style of rosemaling. These boxes are constructed by bending strips of wood and holding things in place with pegs and lacing. The pegs are visible where the individual pieces of wood have separated slightly in the top and bottom of this box. These boxes lend themselves to a striking statement when several of varying sizes are stacked.
Dimension: 12-1/4” by 4-1/8”
Item: Vintage Carnival Cat Knock-Down Punks
Inventory #: 5636 a, b, c
Description: Well-used huge canvas carnival cat knock-down or punks
c. 1930-1950s. Three matching cats with red spots.
They are in good condition, with stains but otherwise intact. Some wooden bases
have traces of blue paint with illegible hand-lettered names. Cats are labeled a
through c from left to right in the photo.
Dimension: Red spotted cats 22-1/2” high on 9-1/2” by 4” base.
Spotted cats $395/each
Item: Antique Child’s Sled
Inventory #: 5610
Description: C. 1900 wood sponge-painted child’s sled with center
painted moose. Good condition, but missing center front horizontal bar.
Dimension: 8-1/2” high, 31” long, 14” deep
Item: Child’s Painted Antique Cupboard
Inventory #: 5609
Description: 19th C. child’s cupboard in original early lavender paint.
Square nails, original lock hinges and door pull. New York state origin.
Provenance Uncle Tom’s American Country Antiques.
Dimension: 13” high, 15 ¾” wide, 7-1/4” deep
Item: Child’s Painted Antique Dough Box
Inventory #: 5608
Description: C. 1900 antique gray painted child-size dough box.
Early nail construction with expected wear to paint. Thumb design to
edge of box as well as edge of top.
Dimension: Overall height 6”, 15” long, 9” deep
Item: Pair of Tramp Art Candlesticks
Inventory #: 5607
Description: Uncommon pair of early 20th century tramp art candlesticks. Light wood, may be pine. Six-stepped chip carved and incised base. Each of the four sides of the vertical shaft comprised of chip carved squares of varying sizes. Traces of gold paint.
Dimension: 10” high, base 4” diameter, top 2-1/2” diameter
Item: Antique Sailor Made Dipper
Inventory #: 5595
Description: 19th c. sailor made coconut dipper with turned handle that
appears to be walnut. Handle attached to bowl with shield-shaped white
metal with early rivets. Fine condition.
Dimension: 12-1/2” long, dipper 3-1/2” high, out of round 3-1/2” diameter
Item: Display Masters, Inc. Jersey Cow
Inventory #: 5230
Description: Vintage advertising model of Ideal Jersey Cow.
Original paint with broken horns and part of tail. Bottom stamped
Display Masters, Inc., Worth Street, New York 13.
Dimension: 8-1/2” tall, base 4-1/4” by 9-1/2”
Item: Antique Grain-Painted Dome-Top Box
Inventory #: 5594
Description: C. early-to mid-19th century deep red and black grain-painted
pine dome-top box, possibly Pennsylvania. Dovetailed case with bail handle
and original lock and hinges. Beautiful large bold yellow J. D. with feather
design below, painted on center top of the box. Original bottom, complete
with knothole, was reset by previous owner.
Dimension: 9-3/4” high, 17-3/4” wide, 10-3/8” deep
Item: Antique Carved Cornucopia
Inventory #: 5554
Description: Antique carved and painted wood cornucopia. Probably used
in a fraternal lodge, perhaps Oddfellows. Excellent carving and detail. Photo
shows lines where wood pieces are joined; they are not cracks or damage.
Dimension: Approximate 28-1/2” long, 15-1/2” high, 7” deep
Item: Antique Pointing Hand
Inventory #: 5326
Description: Folk art barn-red pointing hand. Simple outline with a
wonderful long and elegant pointing finger. Carved from single board.
Dimension: 30-1/4” overall length, 12-1/4” high, board 1-7/8” thick
Item: Locksmith Trade Sign
Inventory #: 5533
Description: Very cool and folky handmade representation of a door
lock body, handle, latchbolt and deadbolt. Wonderful key fits neatly into
keyhole. Although corner nails (one missing) are oxidized, this piece was
probably displayed inside a shop rather than outside.
Dimension: 7-3/4” high, 13-1/4” long, 2” deep
Item: Antique Folk Art Box
Inventory #: 5501
Description: C. 19th C. beautifully dovetailed mahogany or walnut box
with applied floral design and clasped, gloved hands. Incised and gold-outlined
cross, anchor, and heart on the front. Felt-covered fitted interior. Pieced
repair on back of lid and gouges on one side.
Dimension: 7-1/2” high, 15-3/8” wide, 10” deep
Item: Vintage Pair of Angel Wings
Inventory #: 5500
Description: Pair of hand-carved and gilded wood angel wings.
One is slightly wider than the other. Mounted on later metal stands.
Dimension: 24” high, 5-1/2 and 6” wide, ¾” thick
Item: Vintage Cow Dairy Trade Sign
Inventory #: 5499
Description: Oxidized sheet iron cow and arrow with heart from
Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. A faint “Peninsula Dairy” can be seen on
the side of the cow. This probably was attached to the side of a building at
one time, but now is mounted on a later pipe and base for floor display.
Dimension: 43” high, 22-1/4” wide at arrow, wood base 11” square
Item: Vintage Wood Artist’s Mannequin
Inventory #: 5474
Description: Vintage wood artist’s mannequin in fine condition.
Fully articulated with carved hands and feet and facial features.
Dimension: 13” tall
Item: Takaan of Conch Shell
Inventory #: 5504
Description: Carved Takaan of a conch shell.
See item #5503 for information on this type of folk art.
Dimension: 13” long, 9” wide, 5-1/2” high
Item: Takaan of Angel
Inventory #: 5503
Description: Beautifully carved Takaan of an angel holding a basket of
fruit. Takaans are hand-carved molds that were used and re-used to
make papier mache objects from c. 1890-1950.
Dimension: 16” high, 9-1/2” wide at wings; base 3-3/4” deep, 4-1/2” wide
Item: Antique Dummy Board of Hessian Soldier
Inventory #: 5502
Description: C. mid-19th c. folky carved and painted dummy board of
Hessian soldier. Original paint on pine board. Missing balance stand at base.
Dimension: 38-3/4” high, 9-1/2” wide at base, 3/4” thick board
Item: Antique Flax Hetchel
Inventory #: 5424
Description: Dated 1806 flax hatchel. Pin-punched date and design
on one side of metal, and squiggles and hearts on the other side.
Dimension: 3-1/4” by 11-1/2” by 4” high
Item: Vintage Walking Stick with Stereotypical Black Native Handle
Inventory #: 5243
Description: Walking stick with handle of stereotypical toothy Black African man.
Part of the shaft is carved to look like the handle of a samurai sword, with the profile of a Native American in eagle headdress below. A really unique walking stick.
Dimension: 40-1/4” high
Item: Vintage Alligator Cane
Inventory #: 5238
Description: Hardwood stick incorporating 12-1/4” long black
alligator or lizard with glass eyes. Simple black flat and rounded handle.
Dimension: 30-3/8” high
Item: 1930s Carvings Cane
Inventory #: 5236
Description: Cane with shaft carved with 1920s and 30s style women, a rabbit,
two birds, an owl, a dog and more. Dated 1938. Natural-form crop handle.
Dimension: 36” high
Item: Antique Walking Stick with Elk Horn Handle
Inventory #: 5232
Description: Antique knobby hardwood shaft walking stick with elk horn handle.
Shaft knobs incorporate carved faces and a walking man with upraised arm.
Dimension: 34” high
Item: Clay or Plaster Horse Head
Inventory #: 5218
Description: Vintage clay or plaster model of a horse head.
Finely formed with worn original paint, and appears to be hand-molded.
Dimension: 21” long, 13” high
Item: Antique Painted Violin Case
Inventory #: 5221
Description: Folky wood violin case. Original paint with
inscribed and colored pinwheels. C. 19th century.
Dimension: 31-3/4” long, 9” at widest, 5-1/2” at narrowest, 5-1/4” high
Item: Small Antique Display Box
Inventory #: 5220
Description: Small painted and carved green display box, ideal for a
single special item. I used it to display a porcelain folk art head. May have had
a door long ago. It has a hole for hanging, or it can be used free-standing.
Dimension: 16-1/2” high, 7-3/4” wide, 5” deep
Item: Antique Tree Trunk Bucket
Inventory #: 5227
Description: Bucket with incised decoration made from a hollowed-out tree.
The base is a separate piece. Small “ears” with holes for a rope
handle. Probably Scandinavian.
Dimension: 6-7/8” high, 9-1/2” diameter
Item: Antique Scandinavian Flax or Laundry Paddle
Inventory #: 5222
Description: Carved Scandinavian paddle, dated 1777 and in original
dark red paint. Initials KIDS above the date. The paddle is beveled at
the top and bottom, and is fully decorated with semi-circular incising
and hex symbols. Beautifully formed and carved piece.
Dimension: 16-1/4” high, 5-3/4” wide, handle 1-1/4” thick
Item: Articulated Man Cutting Grain
Inventory #: 5209
Description: Whimsical man cutting grain by Pennsylvania folk artist, J. W. Brungart. The man’s cutting tool goes up and down by a lever in the front of the box. As stated on the side of the yellow box, “Clothing & Everything” made by J. W. Brungart.
Dimension: 5-1/4” high, 17-1/2” long, 8-1/4” deep.
Approx. 12” to top of man’s head.
Item: Table Cover Made of Leather Tobacco Premiums
Inventory #: 5199
Description: Early 1900s fringed table cover made up of 270 sewn
together leather premiums, which were inserted into tobacco products.
The individual premiums are embossed and printed with the names of
colleges, states, universities, and Indian territories. Leather premiums are
not common, making this table cover a rare item in very good condition.
Dimension: Cover 35-1/2” by 33”. Individual premiums approx. 2-1/4” by 2”
Item: Vintage Concrete Alligator
Inventory #: 5198
Description: C. mid-century concrete alligator. Probably created as garden art,
the alligator is lifelike in a wonderfully folky way, with highly detailed scales, teeth,
and yellow eyes. This guy is heavy, so free U.S. west coast delivery can be arranged.
Dimension: 42-1/2” long, 10” wide, 9” high
Item: Pair of Railroad Cast Iron Arrows
Inventory #: 5196
Description: Old cast iron arrows, probably used in a railroad setting.
Painted white with oxidation as expected. Found in Montana.
Dimension: 14-3/4” high, 22-1/4” wide
Item: No Admittance Sign
Inventory #: 5194
Description: Vintage wood sign with white lettering,
No Admittance, on black background.
Dimension: 6-1/2” high, 48” long, ½” thick
Item: Needlework of Two Horses
Inventory #: 5179
Description: Mid-century three-dimensional needlework of two horses frightened
by a thunderstorm. Various needlework techniques on velvet background represent
the horses, as well as structures, thunderclouds, and lightening. In shadowbox frame.
Dimension: 21” by 35”
Item: Dancing Man Toy
Inventory #: 5173
Description: C. 19th century American wood dancing man toy
on later stand. Original paint and articulated joints.
Dimension: 8” high; triangle stand 1-3/4” by 3-1/4”
Item: Wrought Iron Snake Whimsy
Inventory #: 5171
Description: Wonderfully folky wrought iron snake whimsy. A large red and black
snake rises from its coiled base to the top of the whimsy. A smaller snake is coiled
around a tree trunk base. The oxidized octagonal base rests on four feet.
Dimension: Approximately 30” high, octagon base 11-1/2” by 11-1/2”
Item: White Sewing Machine Company Advertising Sign
Inventory #: 5169
Description: Antique sand-painted sign advertising White Sewing Machines.
Chips at right side, otherwise in fine condition.
Dimension: 5-1/4” by 47” by ½”
Item: Tramp Art Frame with Cross
Inventory #: 5168
Description: Early century tramp art frame with roundels at each corner
and surmounted by cross. Nine layers of carving. Excellent condition.
Dimension: 30” to top of cross, 15” wide. Opening approximately 17” by 10”
Item: Antique 4-Sided Box of Drawers
Inventory #: 5156
Description: C. 1890-1910 pine box with drawers on all four sides. Original
green paint and metal edges. Four triangular openings on the top around a
central wooden knob. Drawers have wooden faces on tin receptacles. Two sides
have four drawers, front and back have nine small drawers over one long drawer. Missing only one small knob. Box sits on a rotating circular bottom and has
handles for carrying. A unique, clever folk art storage system.
Dimension: Box 18-1/2” high, 9-1/2” wide, 9-1/2” deep.
Smallest drawers 2-1/2” wide, medium drawers 3”, long drawers 8-1/4” wide.
Item: “Chicken Man” Walking Stick
Inventory #: 5154
Description: This walking stick has a chicken carved handle and chickens
carved up and down the shaft. Purportedly done by a self-named “Chicken Man”
in the South, the stick shaft is cracked, probably due to inadequate seasoning.
Dimension: 34-1/4” tall
Item: Old Exotic Man Walking Stick
Inventory #: 5153
Description: Old walking stick with a knobby shaft and the
carved head of an exotic man, wearing a hat with a tassel.
Dimension: 33-1/2” tall
Item: Long Snake Walking Stick
Inventory #: 4540
Description: Fully incised curvy walking stick. The snake head and eyes
are formed where the vertical shaft bends to the side, with the horizontal
part of the stick forming the snake’s body. What look like “ears” is
actually the snake’s tail end or perhaps rattlers. Initialled and dated.
Dimension: 43” tall
Item: Large Antique Tine/Tina Box
Inventory #: 5140
Description: Late 19th C. large painted green tine, with fine decoration and
metal handle. Small loss to one edge. Wonderful example of Norwegian folk art.
Dimension: 10-1/2” high, 16” wide, 10-3/4” deep
Item: Furniture Sign
Inventory #: 5122
Description: Old painted sign, probably pine, advertising the
services of Joseph E. Pierce, Furnituremaker
Dimension: 20-1/2” high, 31-1/2” wide, 1” thick
Item: Antique Sailor’s Ditty Box
Inventory #: 5119
Description: Antique dovetailed wood sailor’s ditty box with various carved
symbols on top. Stamped four times inside with the name C. A. Bankhead.
Handle is made of rigging, with presumed old tape repair. Metal lock, but no key.
Dimension: 9” high, 14” wide, 10” deep
Item: Antique Pennsylvania Dutch Box
Inventory #: 5120
Description: Antique pine box with painted designs of birds, flowers,
and tulips in tombstones. Designs on all four sides and top of box.
Simple block wood handles and hook latch.
Dimension: 8-1/2” high, 21” wide, 12” deep at overhung top
Item: Scandinavian Mangle
Inventory #: 5100
Description: Scandinavian pine mangle painted bittersweet with blue along the edge. Dated 1872, initials BPD with a small heart. Horse handle with in-use wear.
Dimension: 25-1/2” long, 4-1/4” wide, 5-1/2” high to top of horse handle
Item: Old Double-Sided Fruit/Vegetable Sign
Inventory #: 5109
Description: Double-sided fruit vendor hand-painted plywood sign advertising
watermelons and cantaloupes on one side and local sweet corn on the other.
Dimension: 21-1/4” by 29-1/2”
Item: Old Real Tomatoes Sign
Inventory #: 5106
Description: Old fruit vendor hand-painted plywood sign
advertising real tomatoes, with whole and sliced tomato artwork.
Dimension: 24-1/2” by 48”
Item: Antique Tramp Art/Arts & Crafts Box
Inventory #: 5099
Description: Marvelously unique two-part tramp or arts & crafts box in glossy
deep red paint with decorative gold highlights inside and out. The outer box
rests on small feet and has decorative metal hardware. The inner box, which
rests on a fitted ledge inside the larger box, is divided into sections. All original
with no repairs or replacements.
Dimension: Outer box 8-1/2” high, 15-1/4” wide, 9-1/2” deep.
Inner box 2-3/4” high, 12” wide, 7-1/2” deep
Item: Large Ship Diorama
Inventory #: 4690
Description: Stunning and enormous diorama from the late 19th or early last
century. Contains a clipper ship flying several flags, along with a cutter and
steamboat. Ship name is “Jupiter.” Lighthouse and flagpole on a hill are painted
in the back left. With the exception of some loss to the bottom of the gilded
frame, the diorama is in excellent original condition.
Dimension: 29” tall, 56” long, 9”deep
Item: Antique Shoe Trade Sign
Inventory #: 5053
Description: Carved and painted green Dutch wooden
shoe trade sign. Hand-forged iron hanger.
Dimension: Shoe 18-1/2" wide, 6-3/4" high, 5" deep. Drop 19"
Item: Dated 1919 Hanging Shelf
Inventory #: 5019
Description: Hanging shelf dated Feb. 20, 1919 and signed on back by
maker, C.E. Burton. Gilt bird and gilt trim and date. Ribbon attached as
winning First Premium Deschutes County Fair, Redmond, Oregon.
Dimension: 10-3/4" high, 16" wide, 5-3/4" deep
Item: Four Carnival Knockdown Punks
Inventory #: 5018
Description: Four old carnival punks still hinged to the original board. Printed
on canvas, the punks still retain their fuzzy halo of hair. Wonderful condition.
Two brackets added for hanging can easily be removed.
Dimension: Punks 14-1/2" tall, base 1-1/2" high,
35-1/2" long, 4-1/2" deep (approximate)
Item: Tin Oil Lamp with Reflector
Inventory #: 4902
Description: 19th C. American hanging tin oil lamp with reflector.
Dimension: 9-3/4" tall, base 3-1/8" diameter.
Item: Antique Fish Decorated Tackle Box
Inventory #: 4891
Description: Oak hand-made and painted folk art tackle box. Removable tray with four compartments in the body of the box. Compartments also under the marvelous hand-painted fish on the inside cover of the box. Painted decoration on all sides of the outside of the box, with protective metal corners. All original and beautifully done.
Dimension: 8-1/2" high, 12-1/2" wide, 7-1/2" deep.
Item: Antique Wooden Shield with Stars
Inventory #: 4885
Description: Spectacular wooden shield with 20 hand-cut stars
(one star is missing). C. 19th century. Note carpentry technique at top
edge allowing production of deep curves at top of shield.
Dimension: 34" high, 22-1/4" wide, 1" deep.
Item: Inuit Mask
Inventory #: 4848
Description: Inuit mask made of caribou hide and animal fur.
Some sources date these to mid-last century.
Dimension: Approximately 9" by 6".
Item: 19th C. Model Steam Warship
Inventory #: 4692
Description: Unique wood model of a steam warship. Two gun turrets and multiple guns protruding from hull. Eight lifeboats with paddles. Smokestacks, stairs, anchors, many life preservers, functional doors. Recently professionally re-rigged.
Displayed in oak and glass case. Found many years ago in Providence, RI.
Dimension: Case 18-3/4" high, 26-1/2" long, 9-3/4" deep.
Item: Tall Half-Round Barber Pole
Inventory #: 4819
Description: C. 1900 half-round barber pole. Pole has repaint to its red, white,
and blue surface and two pieces of wood have separated in the middle of the
pole. Ball is original and its attachment to the bottom has been reinforced.
Dimension: 6-6-1/2 ft. tall, 11-3/4” at widest.
Item: Small Scandinavian Trunk
Inventory #: 4724
Description: C. late 19th-early 20th century Scandinavian trunk. First name is Anna on the front of the trunk, with three other illegible words. Trunk is dovetailed with simple hand-made metal hinges, escutcheon, and bail handle and is locked “open.” Painted to simulate metal straps. Inside is painted yellow with traces of original blue under the lid.
Dimension: 11” high, 21” at widest top, 11-3/4” deep.
Item: Circus Drum
Inventory #: 4723
Description: Wonderful painted and stenciled circus drum, c. early 20th
century. Includes a custom-made glass top, allowing this piece to become
a striking low coffee table. Skins on one side have a couple of tears and
there is a small hole in the back wood side of the drum.
Dimension: 28” diameter, 10-1/4” high (12-1/4” high including metal frame).
Item: Black Forest Whip Holder Chandelier
Inventory #: 4693
Description: Early century Black Forest type whip holder chandelier with two mica shades. The shades are suspended from a deer antler, with the whip holder centered above. The hand-carved whip holder is in the form of a bearded hunter with chamois horn legs, holding a long gun and wearing a shoulder pouch.
Dimension: Chandelier 32” drop, 25” wide, 11” deep.
Shade 7-1/2” high, 5-1/2” at bottom. Whip Holder 13-1/2” tall.
Item: Carved Whimsey
Inventory #: 4629
Description: Early to mid-century wonderful carved and painted whimsy
signed by Al Vanhoecke/Chehalis, Wash. Contains a puzzle ball in the
tower, with carved and painted birds, attached three-dimensional birds,
a salmon, applied hearts, diamonds and crosses and more.
Dimension: 11-3/4” high, 5” wide, 3-1/2” deep.
Item: Antique Butter Mold of House
Inventory #: 4620
Description: C. 19th century hand-carved hardwood butter mold in the shape of a house. Comprised of five separate pieces when disassembled; when assembled they form a box. Likely Pennsylvania origin, since house has a hex sign near the peak of the roof. This was almost certainly made by a husband for his wife and perhaps is a model of the house in which they lived.
Dimension: As assembled into box 6-3/4” high, 8-1/4” wide, 4-1/2” deep.
Item: Carousel Painted Panel
Inventory #: 4584
Description: Carousel panel of a turkey from Saratoga Springs, NY. Some nicks
and a small puncture at lower right. Placed in a 1-1/2” decorative frame.
Dimension: 27-1/2” by 27-1/2”.
Item: Black Americana Puppet
Inventory #: 4534
Description: Wonderful hand-made early 20th C. Black Americana
Puppet or Marionette. Molded papier mache head and hands with
fingers. Wooden body has articulated arms and legs with over-sized
wood shoes. Wooly wig and stereotypical features; face shows wear
resembling vitiglio. Splendidly dressed in hand and machine-sewn
wool pants and coat with high-collar cotton shirt and red tie.
Dimension: 20” tall
Item: Carved and Painted Indian Club
Inventory #: 4422
Description: Carved and painted club with Native American designs,
including a relief carving of an Indian face, and painted flowers and deer
and moose around the sides and back. Probably Northeast U.S. origin and
may be a tourist piece. C. early to mid-20th century.
Dimension: 28” tall, 9” at widest point.
Item: Pilgrim Apple Head Dolls by Grace Lathrop
Inventory #: 4460
Description: C. 1930 Pilgrim dolls made by “Oregon’s Dollmaker” Grace Lathrop. Hand-made costumes are wool with cotton collars and cuffs, and the jailer’s cape is lined with silk. They all have leather shoes with silver “buckles.”
The faces are wonderfully pinched and wizened.
The attention to detail is marvelous!
Dimension: Seamstress 15”; Jailer 17”, Man in Stocks 13-1/2”
set of three
Item: Scandinavian Mangle
Inventory #: 4309
Description: Mid- to late-19th century Scandinavian mangle used for rolling wrinkles out of clothing. Crack upper left. Heavily carved with eyelet for hanging.
Dimension: 21-1/2” long, 6-3/4” wide, 4” high at handle
Item: Hand-Carved and –Painted box.
Inventory #: 4381
Description: C. early 20th Century hand-made box, probably
Scandinavian; bought from an Iowa dealer who found it in
Michigan. Constructed of ¾” pine, with snipe hinges and pegs.
Divided interior with till. Incised and painted design on front.
Hand-chipped/carved upper and lower edge to the top.
Paint worn on the top. Pure folk art.
Dimension: 10” high, 14-3/4” wide, 9-1/2” deep.
Item: Oddfellows Lodge Canvas Backdrop
Inventory #: 4312
Description: Early 20th C. hand-painted ceremonial backdrop from an Oddfellows lodge in the Midwest. Attaches to a metal roller at the top and a wooden roller at the bottom for easy display and storage. Excellent condition on this unique piece, which shows two Middle Eastern men in a bucholic setting. Pair it with my Oddfellows stage-topper (Inventory #3013) and build a room around them!
Dimension: Approximately 7’ long and 6’ wide.
Item: Magician’s Top Hat
Inventory #: 4290
Description: Large hat with secret compartment for getting that rabbit out!
Heavy fire engine red paint over composition and wood.
C. 1930s with some expected repairs.
Dimension: 11” tall, 15” diameter at the brim.
Item: Shoeshine Kit
Inventory #: 1845
Description: Elegant yet folky hand-crafted shoeshine kit. Brass sheets applied over wood. Fancy appliqués on the sides with a shallow shell receptacle on one side and an open-work receptacle in front. Shoe form on the top includes a hole in the sole! Three-dimensional head of a horse in front completes this unique piece. Box opens in the back for storing supplies.
Dimension: Extreme measurements 12” tall, 14-3/4” wide, 10”deep.
Item: Antique Black Rag Doll
Inventory #: 4121
Description: C. early 1900’s Black doll with the most wonderful cornrow hair! Handstitched with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth and tiny eyebrows. She wears a blue and white striped pinafore and sits only.
Dimension: Approximately 8-1/2” high.
Item: Carved Wood Hands Holding Cup
Inventory #: 4123
Description: Carved from one piece of wood; could it possibly be sailor-made? Marvelous folk art appeal in the carved fingernails, ruffle at the wrist, leaves carved on each side of the cup, and even a ring on the left hand!
Dimension: 8” H, oval top of cup is 3-1/4”, 5-1/4”W at the bottom.
Item: Game Board
Inventory #:1933
Description: American, Foil Backed Circa 1900
Dimensions: 21” by 21”
Item: Metal Architects’ Model House on Wooden Stand
Inventory #:1650
Description: Late 19th or Early 20th Century
Dimension: House is 18 ½’’ by 19” by 15”. Wooden stand is 18 ½” by 19” by 36”
Item: Game Board
Inventory #: 1307
Description: Inlaid wood, covered with glass, C 1900
Dimension: 14” by 17”
Item: Shoe Shine Box with Horse Head
Inventory #: 1845
Description: Applied brass over wood; c 1910
Dimension: 13” wide by 12” high by 9” deep


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