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Folk Art Item: World War II Banner
Inventory #: 5816
Description: Handmade banner of canvas with hand-cut green camo date, and
fabric and cotton or felt letters and symbols. Visible “ghosts” of other letters, so
canvas was recycled. Depicts 1943 meet in Spokane (WA) of Army, Marines,
Air Force, and Navy. Flags on the reverse depict those from the colonial era to
early American, as well as some British flags. The latest American flag has 48
stars. The actual purpose of the banner is not known, although it surely is unique.
Dimension: 34” by 56-1/2”
Folk Art Item: Antique Indian Scout Cloth Doll
Inventory #: 5809
Description: This doll is fabulous! Deaccessioned from an Arizona museum, the doll gives every appearance of representing an Indian scout. He is hand-sewn and made of stuffed cloth, with grass or straw stuffed in his lower legs. His head and clothing are of tanned hide. He has a pinched nose, thread eyebrows and mouth, bead eyes and a red war stripe on one cheek. He has a black fabric head/scalp with thread braids. Under his coat he wears a blue and white striped cotton undergarment, over which is a hide front and back loincloth outlined in silk. He may be unique, since I’ve looked and haven’t found anything like him.
Dimension: 19” tall
Other Item: Antique Pima Basket
Inventory #: 5808
Description: C. 19th century Pima basket. Geometric paint/stain design;
bear grass, devil’s claw, and yucca materials. Fine undamaged condition.
Dimension: 7-3/4” by 4”
Other Item: Vintage Uncut Wadhams Coffee Tins
Inventory #: 5805
Description: Twelve one-pound c. 1939 uncut coffee tins of Wadhams
Coffee, Portland, Oregon. Great vintage look in a custom frame.
Dimension: Framed 24-1/2” by 33-7/8”
Asian Item: Antique Japanese Bronze Candlestick
Inventory #: 5787
Description: Antique Japanese bronze tray base candlestick
with hook on side for hanging nippers (now lost).
Dimension: 28-3/4” high, base 10-1/2” diameter
Asian Item: Pair Antique Japanese Copper Candlesticks
Inventory #: 5786
Description: Pair of antique Japanese copper candlesticks
(Shokudai) with kiku base. From a Tucson, Arizona, estate.
Dimension: 27-1/4” high, base 6-3/4” diameter
Art Item: Pair of Frank Henry Shapleigh Watercolors
Inventory #: 5797
Description: Pair of watercolors of a Tuscan farm scene and a canal by
Frank Henry Shapleigh (1842-1906). Canal scene signed l/l. He painted
many sites in New Hampshire, but also studied and painted in Europe.
Found in Tucson, these are said to be from the estate of the artist.
Dimension: Framed 23-1/8” by 18-5/8”
Art Item: WWII Sailors Eating Ice Cream
Inventory #: 5789
Description: Painting on Masonite of two sailors “innocently” eating ice cream cones
as observed by a suspicious member of the shore patrol. Signed l/r Groves ’41.
Dimension: 23-3/4” diameter
Folk Art Item: Vintage Diorama of Mice Playing Cards
Inventory #: 5733
Description: Spectacular detail in this diorama of mice in fancy dresses and
hats playing cards. Their game is conducted in a drawing room with upscale
furniture, candelabra, net curtains, a round mirror, and a tea service ready to
be served when the “ladies” have finished their game. Great example of folk art.
Dimension: 10” high, 13” wide, 7-3/4” deep
Folk Art Item: Antique Black Boy Doll
Inventory #: 5796
Description: C. 1900 stocking doll of black boy with light-colored hair. He is
hand-sewn with a stitched raised nose, embroidered features, button eyes, and
jointed legs and arms. Firmly stuffed and heavy, he has mitten hands but no feet.
Comes as I bought him, with hand and treadle-sewn blue and white striped bib
overalls, matching jacket, pink striped shirt, white underpants and only one stocking.
Dimension: 23” tall
Folk Art Item: Carved Plate with Painted Kitty
Inventory #: 5792
Description: Vintage plate with leaf and vine carved perimeter
with a center painting of a kitty.
Dimension: Plate 8-5/8” diameter, kitty 4-3/4” diameter
Folk Art Item: Carving of a Sioux Indian
Inventory #: 5791
Description: C. 1930s soft wood painted carving of, and we’re told by,
a Sioux Indian. Handmade vest with some surviving beadwork.
Dimension: 6-1/4” high, custom stand 2 by 2”
Folk Art Item: Vintage Carving of a Hunter
Inventory #: 5790
Description: Vintage carving of a hunter, c. 1940. Wonderful painting and
details in his uniform, including his tiny rifle carried under his arm.
Dimension: 7-3/8” high, base 4” by 2-3/4”
Folk Art Item: Vintage Carnival Knockdown Ladies
Inventory #: 5788
Description: Unique, hand-painted, wonderful folk art carnival knockdowns
of three ladies. Wood cylinders covered with moleskin then dressed
in cotton “dresses.” Painted canvas faces with yarn hair. These
aren’t production pieces, and I don’t think you’ll see their like again. From
the collection of Chicago/Arizona collectors Jim and Judy Bruce.
Dimension: All 13” high; one on wood base 5-1/2” wide, 4-1/4” deep, 1” high
Folk Art Item: Antique Game Board
Inventory #: 5784
Description: Hand painted checkers game board with diagonal crack, signed on back “Made 1889/Frank P. Wanner”. Raised on three pieces of wood attached to back.
Dimension: 17” high, 22” wide, 1-1/2” thick
Folk Art Item: Carnival Knock-Down Milk Bottles
Inventory #: 5783
Description: Vintage carnival knock-down milk bottles. Five painted
white wood bottles and one ball, which is probably not original to the set.
Dimension: 7-3/4” high, base 2-5/8” diameter
Folk Art Item: Antique Box with Painted Birds
Inventory #: 5782
Description: C. early 19th century pine slight dome top box with original
painting of birds and flowers on black ground. Shows aged paint wear
but much color still vibrant. Original lock with missing hasp. Hinges may
be old replacements. Old padded fabric lining.
Dimension: 7-1/2” high, 11-1/4” wide, 7-3/8” deep
Folk Art Item: Cast Aluminum Horse
Inventory #: 5781
Description: C. mid-century or earlier cast aluminum horse. Looks like
the Dexter horse weathervane. Slightly molded but mostly flat with holes
indicating it was attached to something at some point in its life.
Dimension: 36” long, 18” high
Folk Art Item: Outsider Art Lion
Inventory #: 5780
Description: This handsome carved and painted recumbent lion came from the
Heart of Country shows in Nashville many years ago. Unsigned, but with
an Outsider Art look, he could be roaring or perhaps he’s just sleepy.
Dimension: 18-1/2” long, 4” wide, 5” high
Other Item: Antique Fireplace Trammel
Inventory #: 5798
Description: C. 1800 or earlier wonderful sawtooth antique candleholder
trammel. All original wrought iron with a copper guard for the sliding
adjustment arm. 20 hand cut adjustment teeth. Bottom single candle
socket with a heart shaped top on a swivel hook for hanging.
Dimension: Trammel 19-58”, adjustment arm 24”
Other Item: Antique Wrought Iron Hearth Roasting Fork
Inventory #: 5795
Description: C. 18th century wrought iron hearth roasting fork.
Exuberant design in fine condition with no damage or repairs.
Dimension: 21-3/4” high, 4-1/4” wide
Other Item: Antique Wrought Iron Hearth Toaster
Inventory #: 5794
Description: C. 18th century wrought iron rotating hearth toaster
with elaborate design. Fine condition with no damage or repairs.
Dimension: Toaster 19-1/2” wide by 2” deep, overall length 17-1/4”

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