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Item: Antique Pima Basket
Inventory #: 5808
Description: C. 19th century Pima basket. Geometric paint/stain design;
bear grass, devil’s claw, and yucca materials. Fine undamaged condition.
Dimension: 7-3/4” by 4”
Item: Vintage Uncut Wadhams Coffee Tins
Inventory #: 5805
Description: Twelve one-pound c. 1939 uncut coffee tins of Wadhams
Coffee, Portland, Oregon. Great vintage look in a custom frame.
Dimension: Framed 24-1/2” by 33-7/8”
Item: Antique Fireplace Trammel
Inventory #: 5798
Description: C. 1800 or earlier wonderful sawtooth antique candleholder
trammel. All original wrought iron with a copper guard for the sliding
adjustment arm. 20 hand cut adjustment teeth. Bottom single candle
socket with a heart shaped top on a swivel hook for hanging.
Dimension: Trammel 19-58”, adjustment arm 24”
Item: Antique Wrought Iron Hearth Roasting Fork
Inventory #: 5795
Description: C. 18th century wrought iron hearth roasting fork.
Exuberant design in fine condition with no damage or repairs.
Dimension: 21-3/4” high, 4-1/4” wide
Item: Antique Wrought Iron Hearth Toaster
Inventory #: 5794
Description: C. 18th century wrought iron rotating hearth toaster
with elaborate design. Fine condition with no damage or repairs.
Dimension: Toaster 19-1/2” wide by 2” deep, overall length 17-1/4”
Item: Antique Cutout Deer Fireplace Trivet
Inventory #: 5785
Description: Wrought iron long-handle fireplace trivet with cutout leaping deer.
Adjustable handle support with horseshoe at bottom. Beautiful workmanship.
Dimension: 21-1/2” long, 7” high, 8-3/4” deep
Item: C. 18th C. Scotch Broiler
Inventory #: 5793
Description: C. 18th century blacksmith made wrought iron scotch
broiler. Functional piece with ram’s head decoration.
Dimension: 21-1/2” high, 17-1/4” wide
Item: Antique Gold Knob Handle Walking Stick
Inventory #: 5773
Description: 19th century ebony shaft walking stick topped with a gold
knob handle, tested at 14K. The handle is elaborately chased and
engraved John Slusser/Danville/Ill. John Slusser was a charter member
of the Danville G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic), formed May 5, 1880.
Dimension: 34-7/8” high, knob 1-7/8” diameter
Item: Antique Hexagon Weave Basket with Lid
Inventory #: 5771
Description: I have seen smaller versions of this 19th century lidded basket, but none of this size. I’ve also see this type of weave and hexagonal shape in handled Shaker cheese baskets. This one is in wonderful condition with only a couple minor breaks, which I had to look very hard to find. A truly wonderful survivor and example.
Dimension: 5-1/4” high w/lid, base 9-1/4 by 9-3/4”
Item: Salesman’s Sample Farm Implements
Inventory #: 5469
Description: 19th C. salesman’s sample farm implements in original fitted
box with ribbon label from seller C. J. Bainbridge, Grange Supplies,
Syracuse, N.Y. Implements include harrow, plow, hoe, scythe, and others.
Dimension: Fitted box 7-1/2” high, 9-1/2” wide, 1-1/2” deep. Plow 5-1/4” wide.
Item: Vintage Deer Iron Trade or Advertising Sign
Inventory #: 5759
Description: Cast and wrought iron sign of deer said to be from a Deer
Head Inn. Traces of gilding remain. Note both the peaceful presence of leaves
and the deer head in the center of a gun sight. C. 1920-30.
Can be hung or inserted into a standing pole.
Dimension: 30” high, 26” wide, 13” diameter
Item: Antique Hardware Store Parts Cabinet
Inventory #: 5758
Description: 24-drawer mustard and black painted parts cabinet from
a hardware store in Vermont. Short drawers approximately 3”; long
drawers 4”. Handwritten identification of drawer contents. Eyelet screw
drawer pulls. Solid and substantial piece from the early part of the century.
Dimension: 13-1/2” high, 14-3/8” wide, 7” deep
Item: Sign for King’s Cafe
Inventory #: 5737
Description: Vintage hand-painted double-sided sign for the King’s Café,
said to be a restaurant in Kansas. Great playing-card type graphics.
Dimension: 44” high, 30-1/2” wide, 2” deep at top hanging bracket
Item: Silver Santo or Madonna Resplendor
Inventory #: 5720
Description: Beautifully made silver metal and jeweled resplendor. Lovely filigree
work with inscription, “Corpus Manual Maguina 9/14/928.” Missing two jewels.
Dimension: Center 6-3/4” high, 12-1/4” side to side
Item: Pair of Round Candle Sconces
Inventory #: 5719
Description: Pair of vintage round tin candle sconces with
crimped edge and bobeche soldered to curved arm.
Dimension: Overall 12” high, reflector 8” diameter
Item: Two 19th C. Candle Sconces
Inventory #: 5718
Description: Two candle sconces with round crimped tops. The larger has a drip
pan with candle socket. The smaller has a crimped bobeche with candle socket.
Dimension: 17” high, 3-1/2” wide and 10” high, 2-3/4” wide
Item: Antique Oval Water Keg
Inventory #: 5717
Description: Antique, possibly Civil War period, oval water keg. Staved wood with
heavy metal band construction. From the same collection as candle box, #5715.
Dimension: 7-1/4” high, 7” wide, 11-1/2” deep; handle 3” high
Item: Antique Tin Ship Quilt Template
Inventory #: 5716
Description: Antique tin quilt template or pattern in the form of a sailing ship.
Dimension: 10-1/2” high, 15-3/4” wide
Item: Large Antique Candle Box
Inventory #: 5715
Description: Large 19th C. candle box with slide lid and three finger notches. May be
maple. Dowel construction. Purchased from an Illinois collector featured in a Country
Living Christmas issue in the early 2000s. Wish I had a copy of that magazine.
Dimension: 7-1/2” high, 8” wide, 13-3/4” deep
Item: Antique Burl Bowl
Inventory #: 5695
Description: Antique burl bowl with turned rim.
Beautiful burl. Tight crack in center bottom.
Dimension: Out of round 10-3/4” by 10” by 2-3/4” high
Item: Two Antique Shoo Fly Screens
Inventory #: 4429, 4343
Description: Two antique shoo fly screens without knobs.
Wide metal bands along the bottom. Fine condition.
Dimension: 7”, 5”
$70 each
Item: Collection of Five Antique Shoo Fly Screens
Inventory #: 4338, 4339, 4340, 4341, 4342
Description: Assembled collection of five antique shoo fly screens.
Narrow metal bands along the bottom. Fine condition.
Dimension: 9-1/4” (includes a round breadboard), 6”, 5-1/2”, 5”, 5”
$130, $85, $80, $80, $80
Item: Collection of Three Antique Shoo Fly Screens
Inventory #: 4335, 4336, 4337
Description: Assembled collection of three antique shoo fly screens.
Narrow metal bands along the bottom. Fine condition.
Dimension: 16”, 11-3/4”, 10-3/4”
$135, $125, $125
Item: Pair Antique Wrought Iron 3-Socket Candleholders
Inventory #: 5668
Description: Pair of hand-made wrought iron candleholders.
Each constructed of three individual pieces or “arms” soldered together.
Each arm is one piece of wrought iron, from the curled bottom then bent
all the way to the folded candle socket. Oxidized patina as expected.
Dimension: 7” high, 5-3/4” wide
Item: Antique Wrought Iron Adjustable Pricket Candlestick
Inventory #: 5667
Description: C. 19th century or earlier wrought iron pricket
adjustable candlestick. American or English. The shaft is connected
to the base with a cotter pin. Expected oxidized patina.
Dimension: 18-1/2” high, base 5-3/4” diameter
Item: Pair Antique Brass Repousse Candlesticks
Inventory #: 5440
Description: Probably Swedish, rolled brass with repousse on
bobeche, drip pan, and base. Spiral shaft. 18th century or later.
Dimension: 7” high, base 5-3/4” wide
Item: Antique Brass Capstan Candlestick
Inventory #: 5376
Description: Antique brass capstan candlestick.
May be Dutch. Could be period.
Dimension: 5-3/4” high, base 5” diameter
Item: R. L. Harris Co. Coffee Box
Inventory #: 5569
Description: Tin and painted coffee box from the R. L. Harris Co.,
Omaha, Nebraska. I found a newspaper ad by R. L. Harris Co. from
December 5, 1920, asking for “Hustlers to sell direct to consumer; groceries,
paints, oils, stock remedies, and specialties; no experience necessary, big profits.”
Dimension: 10” by 17-1/4” by 12-1/2”
Item: Antique Candle Drying Rack
Inventory #: 5662
Description: Antique wood candle drying rack, with six handmade
candles. Lovely construction and condition.
Dimension: 22-1/4” high overall, base 4-3/4” by 9-1/4” by 9-3/4”.
Arm with bracket 34-1/4” long, other arm 31” long
Item: Antique Bridge Plaque
Inventory #: 5661
Description: Cast iron plaque made by the
Virginia Bridge & Iron Co, Roanoke, VA, in 1913.
Dimension: 6-1/2” by 12”
Item: Antique Bark Fishing Creel
Inventory #: 5660
Description: Creels of this type are called “checkerwork birchbark” in
“The Art of the Creel.” This piece of birch and leather has seen its share
of use but still is a model of utilitarian folk art. C. early 20th century.
Dimension: 7” high, 13” wide, 7” deep
Item: Antique Hanging Spoon Rack
Inventory #: 5655
Description: 19th C. pine hanging rack with a shelf, space for hanging
multiple spoons, and five hand-made hanging hooks. Remains of
crusty ochre paint. Fine original condition.
Dimension: 12-1/4” high, 25-1/2” wide, 8” deep
Item: Pair of Antique Candle Sconces
Inventory #: 5649
Description: Pair of large oval tin candle sconces with expected patina.
Crimped edge to oval reflector and bobeche with candle socket,
which is soldered to folded, curved arm.
Dimension: 14” by 9-1/2”
Item: Antique Candle Sconce with Removable Double Candle Socket
Inventory #: 5638
Description: Oval tin candle sconce with a removable double candle socket/bobeches. Crimped edge to oval reflector. Unusual form with expected patina.
Dimension: 11” by 7”
Item: Vintage Booths Sign
Inventory #: 5654
Description: C. 1920-30s sign with directional arrow to check room.
Probably from a club or restaurant. Solid plywood in original paint.
Would look great in an antique mall with its multiple dealer booths!
Dimension: 20” H, 32-1/8” W, ¾” thick
Item: Antique Rotating Bell Wheel
Inventory #: 5653
Description: Late 19th century rotating wrought iron wheel of brass bells. These were attached to a gate or by a door to announce visitors when the handle is turned.
Dimension: 13” high, 8” extension from wall
Item: Antique Watch Repairing Sign
Inventory #: 5626
Description: Antique metal hand-painted sign, advertising watch repairing. Black lettering with a yellow clock face and decorative red, the piece is signed Walton. Shadow of what may be a cola bottle provides additional eye appeal to the clock.
Dimension: 20-1/2” high, 24-1/4” wide, 2” flange
Item: Antique Brass Chestnut Roaster
Inventory #: 5602
Description: Antique brass chestnut roaster. Decorative pierced pan, chased
human and bird figures, and ornate handle make this visually appealing.
Dimension: 23-1/2” long, pan 7” diameter, 2-1/8” high
Item: Antique Fireplace Blow Pipe
Inventory #: 5601
Description: Antique iron fireplace blowpipe, probably French or Dutch. These
are hard to date, but could be 18th century or earlier. Good original condition.
Dimension: 29-1/8” long, open top 1-3/4” diameter
Item: Antique Quaker Marriage Certificate
Inventory #: 5591
Description: Hand-written 1821 marriage certificate for Aaron Stratton and Hannah
Townsend in Columbiana County, Ohio. The names of the bride and groom, as well
as the many witnesses (Fawcett, French, Street, Sharp), reads like a Who’s
Who of the Society of Friends of the Upper Ohio Valley. Minor foxing and tears.
Dimension: Framed 15-1/2” by 18-3/4” by ½”
Item: Replogle Library Globe
Inventory #: 5590
Description: Fine quality Replogle 16” library globe, on Duncan Phyfe
style walnut floor stand. Label and copyright 1935 Chicago.
Dimension: Approximately 39” tall
Item: Dark Artist’s Lay Figure or Mannequin
Inventory #: 5579
Description: Antique artist’s lay figure or mannequin. Probably dark-stained pine.
Fine condition, fully-articulated, with carved hands, feet and painted facial features.
Dimension: 16-3/4” tall
Item: Vintage Red Yield Sign
Inventory #: 5563
Description: Vintage oxidized keystone red Yield Right of Way sign.
Heavy metal with impressed letters.
Dimension: 24” high, 23-3/4” wide at top, 12-1/4” wide at bottom
Item: Vintage Fishing Farm Sign
Inventory #: 5562
Description: Vintage double-sided plywood sign in the shape of a fish.
Black letters on white background show distance and directions to Fishing Farm.
Dimension: 16-3/4 by 45 by ¾”
Item: Huge Artist’s Lay Figure or Mannequin
Inventory #: 5561
Description: Very large c. early 20th C. artist’s mannequin or lay figure. This female
figure is very heavy, and likely carved from maple. Fully articulated, with carved
facial features, ears, and a bun hairdo. Nicely carved hands with separate fingers.
Dimension: 33” high
Item: Antique Folk Art Swedish Mirror
Inventory #: 5555
Description: Large antique Swedish mirror, likely made of wooden crates.
Applied geometric carvings, along with birds and hearts, and
decorative metal buttons. Wonderful example of European folk art.
Dimension: 36-1/4 by 17 by 1”
Item: Vintage Sign Painter’s Sign
Inventory #: 5560
Description: Double-sided sign that seems to advertise both sign and
house painting. Wood sign is inserted into wide wood frame. Some sand
painting with one side more elaborate than the other. Nifty galvanized
metal holders support the wire for hanging.
Dimension: 17-1/2 by 37-1/8 by 1-3/4”
Item: Vintage Ice Cream Sign
Inventory #: 5559
Description: C. mid-century or earlier sign advertising Highland
Ice Cream [“Its Tasty”]. Double-sided tin sign in wide wood frame.
Dimension: 21-3/4 by 35-1/2 by 1-1/2”
Item: Antique Gasoline Sign
Inventory #: 5558
Description: Antique solid wood sign advertising gasoline. C. early 20th century,
the period during which the term gasoline was in popular use.
Dimension: 5-3/4 by 43-1/4 by ¾”
Item: Vintage Tuna Sign
Inventory #: 5557
Description: Vintage tuna sign found in the fishing community of Astoria,
Oregon. Double-sided plywood, with one side more “artistically complete”
than the other. The artist miscalculated and ran out of room for the “A”.
Dimension: 14-12 by 49-3/4 by ½”
Item: Antique Realtor Double Sign
Inventory #: 5514
Description: Double sign advertising the realtor G. M. Fiske. There were Fiskes
in Iowa around the turn of the century involved in architecture, and this sign came
from Iowa. This could be a son. The two wonderfully alligatored signs are
connected with fine cotter pins. Brown background with rust-colored letters.
The boards were cut back to leave a raised frame and lettering, or relief.
Beautiful woodworking technique.
Dimension: Measured as connected,
approximately 10-3/4” high, 19-1/2” long, ¾” thick
Item: Antique Barber Supply Co. Signs
Inventory #: 5512
Description: Two connected c. early 20th C. signs advertising a seller of barber
supplies. Pine boards painted with red-outlined white lettering on a blue background.
Dimension: 9” high, 52-1/2” long, ¾” thick, and 9” high, 37-1/8” long, ¾” thick
Item: Burma Shave Sign
Inventory #: 5511
Description: Yellow and black sign is part of the Burma Shave
roadside grouping from 1941. Full group of these signs would read:
Life is sweet/But oh how bitter!/To love a gal/And then/Not git ‘er.
Dimension: 11-3/4” high, 40” long, ¾” thick
Item: Burma Shave Sign
Inventory #: 5510
Description: Double-sided yellow and black Burma Shave sign, from 1952.
Full group of these signs would read:
Is he/Lonesome/Or just blind - /This guy who drives/So close behind?
Dimension: 11-3/4” high, 40” long, ¾” thick
Item: Vintage Metal Hawaiian Surfer
Inventory #: 5408
Description: Vintage metal surfer made of metal rods and sheet metal.
Purchased as part of a collection of Hawaiian mid-century items.
Dimension: 25-1/2” high, 21-1/4” wide, 9” deep
Item: Antique Dough Box
Inventory #: 4980
Description: 19th C. Pennsylvania tole-painted table-top
dough box. Lovely painting on country piece in nice condition.
Dimension: 8-3/4” high, 28” wide (not including handles), 14” deep
Item: Art Nouveau Style Steel Cut Ladies
Inventory #: 5509
Description: Steel plate hand-cut with design of Art
Nouveau style ladies. Simple and stunning.
Dimension: 33-3/4” high, 31-1/8” wide, 1-1/2” wide at back lip
Item: Decorative Piece from Franklin Piano
Inventory #: 5508
Description: Decorative metal piece from a Franklin piano. The Franklin Piano Co.
was established in 1887, and pianos were produced under that name until about 1933. This would make a wonderful decorative statement on the wall in a music room.
Dimension: 39-3/4” long, 9-1/4” at highest
Item: Antique Sunflower Roof Finial
Inventory #: 5507
Description: C. early 20th C. zinc roof finial in shape of sunflower.
Remains of light green paint. Exposed to elements, so some corrosion.
Arresting presence due to size and subject.
Dimension: 39” high, base 8” square
Item: Antique English Chinoiserie Sewing Box
Inventory #: 5506
Description: Late 18th C. English Chinoiserie and penwork sewing box. Lovely
work outside and in, including to the back of the box. Bone escutcheon (no key)
and silk ribbon pulls to drawers. Inside lid 1797 engraving of Sheriff-Hutton
Castle, Yorkshire. Fine condition, with minor fading to front and top.
Dimension: 9” high, 10-1/2” wide, 7-1/4” deep
Item: Antique Burl Pitcher or Batter Bowl
Inventory #: 5465
Description: C. 18th century, maybe earlier, huge burl batter bowl or pitcher.
Hand-carved black ash, possible Woodland Indian of Maine or New England.
Rare form and size, with two natural holes in lower area. Photo with ruler may not
be pretty, but is included to show proper perspective of grand scale of this piece.
Dimension: 15-7/8” long, 7-3/8” high, bowl 8-1/2” diameter
Item: Antique Beaded Eagle Pillow Top
Inventory #: 5449
Description: Circa early 20th C. pillowcase from Dawson, Yukon Territory. Beaded
on tanned hide is a beautiful eagle with American shield. Blue beads above represent
the banner, and the eagle holds arrows and an olive branch. A few missing beads,
as seen in the close-up image, do not detract from the beauty of this piece.
Dimension: 18-1/4” by 19-1/2” (excluding fringe)
Item: Vintage Salesman’s or Child’s Mini Banquette
Inventory #: 5407
Description: This miniature banquette is made exactly like what you’d see
in a 1950’s kitchen. The color of the vinyl, the formica top of the table and
the “floor” of the piece, the aluminum banding, the beautiful construction all are
just like in a mid-century kitchen only on a smaller scale. Even includes a little
booster seat of the same beautiful quality. Comes with a photo of a little girl
sitting at the banquette with her stuffed dog. That very same stuffed dog will
be included with the purchase of this unique model banquette.
Dimension: Banquette 41-3/4” along the back, 27-1/2” on left side,
31-3/4” on right side, 14-1/2” high; separate table 16-1/2” by 18” by 11-1/4” high
Item: Vintage Erzuli Freda Voodoo Flag
Inventory #: 5427
Description: Vintage voodoo flag marked for Erzuli[e] Freda, a Haitian
African spirit of love and beauty. Beautiful sequin design around a center heart.
Dimension: 14-7/8” by 14”
Item: Antique Native American Beaded Bag
Inventory #: 5412
Description: C. late 19-early 20th century beautifully beaded Native American
bag. Beading on hide, with a green flannel back showing a treadle-sewn
geometric design. The bag has two hide handles and is lined in green fabric.
Wonderful condition, with only one small hole in the flannel backing.
Dimension: 12-3/4” high, 13-1/4” wide, 1-1/2” deep
Item: Mid-Century Salesman’s Sample Desk
Inventory #: 5333
Description: Mid-century model of an office desk. Constructed of wood
with a laminate top. Realistic non-opening drawers. Fine condition.
Dimension: 6-1/4” high, 14-1/2” wide, 7” deep
Item: Swedish Brass and Wrought Iron Spatula
Inventory #: 5351
Description: Early hand-reticulated and –chased Swedish or
Scandinavian spatula. Given its elaborate design, it must have been
used for special occasions. Wrought iron and hand-made nails or tacks
connect the brass spatula to a wooden handle. Paper remains of a label
attached by the Swedish owner unfortunately contains no legible information.
Dimension: Overall length 10-1/4”; brass 5-1/4” by 3-3/4”
Item: Antique Swedish Cheese Mold
Inventory #: 5350
Description: The owner’s label says this is a cheese mold (“Ostlada”), although I
suppose you could call it a butter mold as well. Appears to be pine and paint is in
wonderful yet original condition. Paint smear on the bottom covers carved initials.
Dimension: 2-1/2” high, 5”wide, 4” deep to outer ends
Item: Antique Swedish Spice Box
Inventory #: 5349
Description: Antique Swedish spice box, dated 1821. Probably pine,
with applied molding. One of several Swedish items recently purchased
from a local estate. Divided interior with sliding top. Bottom is pegged
and dovetailed and painted blue. Red painted top has applied molding
that frames initials and date. Owner’s label calls this kryddlada.
Dimension: 3-1/4” high, 7-3/4” wide, 8” deep
Item: Vintage Metal Bread/Coffee Sign
Inventory #: 5344
Description: Vintage metal sign for Bread Boxes and Coffee Urn Stands.
Shows wear but still has good graphics and color.
Dimension: 16-3/4” high, 26” wide
Item: Vintage Marble Stone Fruit Half-Apple Bookends
Inventory #: 5343
Description: Uncommon half-apple marble stone
bookends. Similar to the half-apple stone fruit elsewhere on this
website (see #4987), these were originally made as bookends.
Dimension: 4-1/8” high, 13” circumference
Item: Large Antique Compote
Inventory #: 5306
Description: Large c. 1850 compote, likely made of mahogany. Comprised of several pieces held together with a center dowel and reinforced with glue. Expected rubs to the finish and a chip out of the top piece of the stem.
Dimension: 8” high; bowl 7-1/2” diameter (slightly out of round),
2-1/2” deep; base 7-1/8” diameter
Item: Horse Stall Signs
Inventory #: 5285 (a) and (b)
Description: Two 1930s signs from the stalls of Belgian draft horses. These
signs show the birth date of each horse, as well as their sire and dam. Some
pedigree information available online for Titan de Savenne, the sire of one horse.
Dimension: 9-1/2” high, 21-1/2” wide, ¾” thick
Item: Antique Scandinavian Scoop or Ladle
Inventory #: 5276
Description: Early 19th C. Scandinavian, perhaps Swedish, dairy or ale ladle
or scoop. Pine or birch burl with script incised initials. Two tight cracks and a
break on the end of the hooked handle. Beautiful, simply elegant utilitarian piece.
Dimension: Overall 13” deep, oval bowl 7” deep, 8-3/4” wide, 4” high.
Item: Little Scholar Bookends
Inventory #: 5272
Description: C. 1920s rare bookends of a little girl with a big book on her lap.
Made by Armor Bronze of New York City. The bookends are without any
damage, are all original, including original felt bottoms and the “Little Scholar”
title labels. Part of an antique dealer’s estate in storage since 1974.
Dimension: 6-1/4” high, 5-3/4” wide, 5” deep
Item: Brighton Silk Garter Store Cabinet
Inventory #: 5269
Description: Late 19th C. “bare bones” oak Brighton Silk Garter cabinet.
This is the center part of the cabinet, without its top and bottom molding,
or it may have been built into a store counter.
Dimension: 19” high, 11-1/2” wide, 9” deep
Item: Polar Bear Taxidermy Head
Inventory #: 5192
Description: Papier mache head of a polar bear.
Simple lines in this vintage piece of folk art.
Dimension: 23” neck to snout, 14” high, 12” deep
Item: Cast Iron Pineapple Finial
Inventory #: 5178
Description: Vintage large cast iron finial, perhaps from an outside
fence or gate. Stylized pineapple. Threaded base with some oxidation.
Dimension: 12” high, base 4-1/2” diameter
Item: Covered Round Alaskan Basket
Inventory #: 5176
Description: C. 1940s geometric design basket from Dutch Harbor. Purchased from
the estate of a woman who was a teacher in Dutch Harbor and who received this
& the large oval basket from the women of the community. Some wear as expected.
Dimension: 11-1/2” high, bottom diameter 7-3/4”
Item: Antique Hearth Shovel with Heart Handle
Inventory #: 5175
Description: C. 1850 blacksmith hand-forged hearth shovel from southern Indiana.
Heart ending to the handle, with decorative cutouts on each side of the blade.
Dimension: 33” long; blade 6-3/4” by 5”
Item: African Bronze Effigy of a Water Buffalo
Inventory #: 1811
Description: This is a small version of an African bronze effigy of a
water buffalo, probably Bobo tribe, c. mid-century. It has birds on its
back and horns and designs of concentric circles and triangles.
Dimension: 5-1/4” high, 7” long
Item: Vintage Small Metal Mat
Inventory #: 5148
Description: Vintage metal mat, once used for scraping shoes
before entering a home; now seen as wall art.
Dimension: 14-1/2” high, 23-1/2” wide
Item: Vintage Large Metal Mat
Inventory #: 5149
Description: Large vintage metal mat, complements smaller mat described above.
Dimension: 20” high, 29” wide
Item: Antique Scottish Snuff Mull
Inventory #: 5144
Description: Scottish snuff mull, c. late 18th century, with a
wonderful curl to the horn. Cork remains under a hinged horn
lid with silver mounts and illegible monogram or date.
Dimension: 2-3/4” long, 1-3/8” top diameter
Item: Antique Nicho with Santo
Inventory #: 5124
Description: Antique Nicho with polychrome Santo,
probably the Virgin Mary, with metal crown.
Dimension: Nicho 25” high, 15-1/4” wide, 8” deep.
Santo 15-1/4” high on a 5” by 4” base.
Item: Antique Metal Open/Closed Sign
Inventory #: 5123
Description: Antique metal sign on round base with “Open” on one
side and “Closed” on the other. Oxidized from age and exposure,
this sign came from Texas via Michigan.
Dimension: 37” high. Sign itself 9” by 30-1/4”
Item: 1920s-30s Hammered Metal Chandelier
Inventory #: 5098
Description: Hammered metal chandelier with five arms, with leaves
and painted flowers. From a 1920s-30s Tudor home. All original,
including the paper candle sleeves.
Dimension: Drop approximately 32-33”
Item: Prototype or Salesman’s Sample Platform Hand Truck
Inventory #: 5096
Description: Vintage steel prototype or salesman’s sample platform hand truck.
Looks and moves like the real thing, only in miniature. Original black paint with some
chips and minor oxidation, just like a working hand truck. Unusual or unique piece.
Dimension: 13” long, 6-3/8” deep, 12” high
Item: Antique Small Umiak Boat
Inventory #: 5073
Description: Early 1900's model of a Umiak boat, perhaps Inuit. Made with skin stretched over a light wood frame, the boat may have had a mast and sail at one
time, now long gone. Even has two tiny hide oarlocks. Very good condition.
Dimension: 18-1/4" long, 5-7/8" wide, 3" high
Item: 18th Century Mirror
Inventory #: 5066
Description: C. 18th century mirror, likely French. Hand-carved floral design with
red and gilded paint, and a few expected nicks. Very old, if not original, mirror glass.
Dimension: 16-3/4" high, 15" wide, 2-1/8" thick.
Item: Old Budget Shop Sign
Inventory #: 5024
Description: C. mid-century curved sign for the Budget
Shop, $3.95 to $8.95. Sign is from Waterloo, IA
Dimension: 19" to top of curve, 54-1/2" long
Item: Diamond Jubilee Sign
Inventory #: 5023
Description: Letters nailed on window screen making a sign for
Diamond/75th /Jubilee. It's difficult to attach anything to window
screen material, and this sign is done to perfection.
Dimension: 24" by 36"
Item: Antique Three-Part Wire Hat Stand On Rectangular Base
Inventory #: 5016
Description: C. 19th century three-part wire hat stand on rectangular base.
Dimension: 23" high at center, 15" high at side,
overall length 22-1/2", base 9" by 6" (dimensions approximate)
Item: Antique Wire Hanging Basket
Inventory #: 5013
Description: Boat-shaped wire hanging basket,
c. 19th century. Lots of twists and curlicues.
Dimension: 29" high, 22" wide, 10" deep (dimensions approximate)
Item: Antique Single Wire Hat Stand On Wire Base
Inventory #: 5012
Description: Wire hat stand on wire base. C. 19th century.
Dimension: 21" high, base 5-3/4" by 6-1/8" (dimensions approximate)
Item: Graduated Set of Candle Sconces
Inventory #: 5003
Description: Graduated set of three metal candle sconces, possibly
French. C. early 20th Century. Fine original oxidized condition.
Dimension: Large: 33" tall, 7" at crimped top;
medium: 24-1/2" by 6"; small: 17" by 5"
of three
Item: Burl Bowl and Spoons
Inventory #: 4988
Description: C. early 19th century eating bowl or cup, possibly Native American.
Beautifully hand-carved and smoothed ash with thin sides. Finely formed small
handle with hole for hanging. Beautifully turned ash spoons from same time period.
Dimension: Bowl: 2-3/4" high, 4-5/8" diameter, 5-3/4" diameter front to back.
Spoons: each 6" long, one bowl 2-3/8" diameter, other bowl 2-1/2" diameter.
Bowl: $595.
Spoons: $250 each.
Item: Two Antique Miniature Baskets
Inventory #: 4983a and 4983b
Description: Two miniature baskets that show similarity to weaving techniques
of the Choctaw. Both baskets are in excellent condition, with patina as
expected, including light/no patina on the bottom of the baskets. C. early 1900s.
Dimension: 4983a (serrated top): 1-3/8" high, 1-7/8" diameter at top.
4983b (round top): 1-1/2" high, almost 2" diameter at top.
Item: Stone Fruit
Inventory #: 4987
Description: 2 bananas, 2 tangerines/oranges, 2 3-on a stem light cherries,
2 green apples, 1 lemon, 1 peach, 1 pear, 1 ½-apple.
Dimension: Varied.
Bananas, tangerines, lemon, peach, pear, smaller green apple are $45/each. Cherries are $55/each. Larger green apple (missing stem) is $30. ½ apple is $275.
Item: Antique Scandinavian Flax Knife or Cutter
Inventory #: 4977
Description: Painted wood flax knife or cutter.
Initialed and dated 1850. Perfect condition.
Dimension: 22" long, 3-3/4" wide
Item: Salish Basket
Inventory #: 4896
Description: Old rectangular Salish basket in good original condition.
Dimension: 4-3/4" high, 8-3/4" wide, 5-3/4" deep.
Item: C. 1800 Primitive Oil Lamp
Inventory #: 4908
Description: C. 1800 very nice primitive oil lamp. Hexagonal base. All hand-crafted
and original condition. Wire supporting the candle tray might be a replacement.
Dimension: 26-1/2" high; octagonal base 9-1/8 by 8-7/8"
Item: Six Norwegian Soljes
Inventory #: 4906 a,b,c,d,e,f
Description: Six Norwegian soljes, traditional filigree jewelry, of various sizes, metals, and ages. All in perfect condition. Letters from top left to right, and bottom left to right.
Dimension: Various from 1" to 4".
a. Sold
b. $150
c. $165
d. $150
e. $145
f. $185
Item: Dempster Horse Windmill Weight
Inventory #: 4827
Description: Cast iron Dempster bob-tail horse windmill weight. 58G and
stylized mane on right side only, as is proper for this weight. Traces of white paint.
Dimension: Approximately 16-5/8" high, 17-1/4" long, ¾" deep.
Item: Old Copper Skimmer
Inventory #: 4836
Description: Hand-crafted copper skimmer with hand-chased
design on long copper handle. Handle separately attached. Lovely piece.
Dimension: 22-1/4" long, 6-1/2" diameter.
Item: Old Copper Basket
Inventory #: 4838
Description: Beautifully hand-crafted and dovetailed copper basket
with twisted brass handle. Hand-rolled edge.
Dimension: 6" high, 14" long, 7" deep.
Item: Old and Unusual Horse Bells
Inventory #: 4719
Description: Three large brass bells on a leather strap with two sizes of
brass rivets. The bells and leather are in fine original condition. This
piece is unusual and may have been for the tail end of the horse.
Dimension: Upper decorated strap 21-1/2” long, 6” wide; lower strap with buckle 26”; bells 3-1/2” diameter.
Item: 18th Century Cast Iron Water Kettle
Inventory #: 4195
Description: 18th C. water kettle resting on three feet. Kettle is in
undamaged original condition and would add to any antique iron collection.
Dimension: 7” tall, 11-1/2” wide measured from end of spout.
Item: Large Street or Commercial Light
Inventory #: 4268
Description: C. 1900 large glass shade in heavy embossed glass. In two pieces,
the shade attaches at center with a ring and screws. Fine condition.
Dimension: 22” high total, over 12” maximum width.
Item: Circus Clown Bicycle
Inventory #: 4600
Description: Vintage bicycle used by clowns in a Georgia circus, according to California seller. Red and black paint is worn, as expected. Has wood seat (ouch!), wood pedals, and hard rubber tires. Displays beautifully on custom-made stand.
Dimensions: 37” long, 25-1/2” high, 13-1/2” wide at handlebars.
Stand is 29” long, 4-3/4” deep.
Item: Three One-piece Hat Molds
Inventory #: 4480, 529, 4588 (left to right)
Description: Tri-corner hat mold, light wood, marked 23 and 2766 and
[illegible] Woodworking Co.,/Los Angeles on bottom. Pinched crown hat
mold, dark wood, marked 4-1/4, 7-1/4 and 153 on bottom. Triangle top
with rounded edges hat mold. Light wood marked 22 and 1267 on bottom.
Dimension: 6-3/4” tall, 7-3/4” deep. 5-3/4” tall, 8” front to back. 6” tall, 7-1/2” deep.
Item: Two-piece Hat Mold
Inventory #: 1215
Description: Two-piece hat mold, with flat crown attached
with screws to rounded brim. Dark wood marked 21-1/2 on top.
Dimension: 12” by 11-1/4” by approximately 5” high.
Item: Two-piece Hat Mold
Inventory #: 1216
Description: Two-piece hat mold; high round crown attaches to rounded
brim with two dowels. Dark wood marked 21-1/2 and 229 on both
crown and brim, and [illegible] Woodworking Co./Los Angeles.
Dimensions: 9-3/4” tall, brim 11-1/4” front to back.
Item: “Last of the Dickens Boys” Manuscript by William Culmer
Inventory #: 4545
Description: This original manuscript was written by William Harrison Culmer, brother of the Utah artist Harry or Henry Lavender Culmer. Written when William was in his 80’s, the memoir is his recollection of being one of the street boys informally adopted by Charles Dickens, after the Culmers had converted to Mormonism but before they left England. Culmer caught Dickens’s attention by doing cartwheels alongside his carriage. The manuscript is pencil edited and includes the author’s suggestions about illustrations. Additional provenance from Culmer’s great-granddaughter and copies of publishing house rejection letters are also available.
Dimension: 11-1/4” by 8-3/4” by 7/8” (227 numbered pages)
Item: Three Indian Baskets
Inventory #: 1827 (Sold), 1863, 4200
Description: Hupa basket mush bowl. Modoc/Kalmath child’s fez.
Northwest Coast oval covered basket. All in very good condition.
Dimension: Hupa – 4-1/4” high, 8-1/2” diameter.
Modoc – 4-1/4” high, 5-1/2” diameter at widest point.
NW Coast – 2-7/8” high, 5-3/4” long, 4-1/4” deep.
Hupa - Sold
Modoc - $795
NW Coast - $235
Item: Civil War Letter
Inventory #: 4203
Description: Sad letter from Jacob Ruth to his wife and children in January 1865. Written from a “camp near Savanah [sic]”, Ruth expresses sadness that his family has forsaken him because they haven’t responded to his November letter. He closes, saying he believes they are heading to Charleston. Letter is in fine, readable condition, with several misspellings, and we include an envelope addressed to Mr. Ruth that does not appear to be original to this letter.
Dimension: Double-sided glass frame is 12-1/2” T and 6-3/4 W.
Item: Stained Glass Window
Inventory #: 4006
Description: Beautiful window from c. 1905 upscale arts and
crafts home in Seattle. Frame is stained dark fir. Glass is intact,
with only a few cracks, as expected.
Dimension: 41-1/2” high by 28-3/4” wide by 1-1/2” deep.
Frame 2-1/4” wide vertical and 2/78” wide horizontal.

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