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Item: Antique Darning Sampler
Inventory #: 5747
Description: This silk on linen sampler is probably Dutch. It not only has
five areas of beautiful crossed darning, it also has a border of six needlework
flowers. In the upper corners formed by the center cross are two crowns with
the initials R H and M A M, with the date 1815 in the lower corners.
Camera glare and shadows inaccurately make the sampler appear
damaged, although there are some splits in the light backing.
Dimension: Framed 19-3/4” square
Item: Antique Overshot Coverlet
Inventory #: 5724
Description: Antique blue and white overshot coverlet. Two pieces sewn
in center. Three sides have extended warp threads woven into a narrow
panel similar to the weave design of the entire coverlet, which I understand
is somewhat rare. Excellent condition.
Dimension: 107” long, 83” wide, fringe 5-12”
Item: Antique Bowknot Overshot Coverlet
Inventory #: 5723
Description: Antique blue and white overshot coverlet in the bowknot pattern.
Two pieces sewn in center. Three sides have extended warp threads woven into
a narrow panel similar to the weave design of the entire coverlet, which I understand
is somewhat rare. Excellent condition save for minor area of light discoloration.
Dimension: Without fringe: 94-1/2” long, 69” wide, fringe 3-1/2”
Item: Tanned Skin, Fabric and Beads Pouch
Inventory #: 5605
Description: Hand-made bag of tanned animal skin. Folky design of red
and blue fabric, buttons, beads, a shell, and coins that appear to be from
the Middle East. Tassels of dyed animal hair gives it the “feel” of rug-making
Tribal people, but I’ve been unable to find anything like it online. Probably
made for personal use and is one of a kind.
Dimension: 11” high, 8-1/2” wide at bottom, 4-1/2” wide at top
Item: Mid-Century Water Vessel Quilt
Inventory #: 481
Description: Cotton quilt with various types of embroidered water vessels. Central panel shows a pieced and embroidered square rigged clipper with American flag.
This quilt also has wonderful decorative small stitchwork. Small stain on one panel.
Dimension: 80” by 73”
Item: Vintage Amish Quilt
Inventory #: 5547
Description: Beautiful Amish cotton quilt in a variation of the four-patch pattern.
Lovely colors, design and condition. Two small holes in the backing. Quilt is
mid-century or earlier; I purchased it years ago from a respected dealer in
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, who had bought it in Pennsylvania.
Dimension: 63” by 76”
Item: Vintage Ethnic Ceremonial Shirt
Inventory #: 5491
Description: Beautiful framed embroidered, hand- and machine-sewn
ceremonial shirt. Probably Middle East origin, may be Turkish.
Visually similar to certain Tribal rugs.
Dimension: Frame 33-1/4” high, 26-1/4” wide, 1-1/2” deep
Item: Antique Needlepoint and Watercolor of Abraham and Isaac
Inventory #: 5383
Description: 19th C. needlepoint and watercolor of the biblical story of
Abraham and Isaac. This shows the angel staying the hand of Abraham as he
is about to use his knife to slay his son. Beautiful condition in original frame,
with the exception of a tear in Isaac’s chest.
Dimension: Framed 27-1/2” by 23” by 1”
Item: Lone Star Crib Quilt
Inventory #: 5265
Description: Vintage crib quilt in the Lone Star pattern.
All hand-quilted on creamy white with blue binding. Fine condition.
Dimension: 39-1/2” by 32”
Item: Pair of Turkoman Bags
Inventory #: 5259
Description: Early 20th C. Turkoman khordjin bags that have been cut apart.
Yomund or Tekke tribe. One missing loop and minor repair to one bag.
Dimension: Bag with tassel 12-1/2” by 9-3/4”. Other bag 13” by 10-1/2”.
Item: Cross-stitch Quilt
Inventory #: 5186
Description: C. 1940-50s beautiful quilt with skilled hand quilting and a
variety of cross-stitch designs. Minor discolor along one edge in back.
Dimension: 81-1/4” by 95”
Item: Flower Basket Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 5174
Description: Early century hooked rug with central flower basket. Tufted
flowers provide eye-catching dimension. Well-mounted and ready for hanging.
Dimension: 23-1/4” high, 40” long
Item: Norwegian Hardanger in Frame
Inventory #: 5152
Description: Framed Hardanger embroidery from a Seattle
estate and said by the family to be from the mid-1800s.
Dimension: 22-1/2” by 23” framed
Item: Shirt for Hardanger Bunad
Inventory #: 5139
Description: Shirt for Hardanger bunad, with very fine hand embroidery.
From the Seattle area estate of an elderly Norwegian woman, who
loomed, knitted, and sewed fine objects.
Dimension: Estimated size 10-14
Item: Norwegian Bunad with Aprons
Inventory #: 5138
Description: Blue Hverdags, or everyday, bunad with two matching blue
aprons and one white apron. White apron has two rows of machine embroidery
at the hem. From the Seattle area estate of an elderly Norwegian woman,
who loomed, knitted and sewed fine objects.
Dimension: Estimated size 10-14. Blue aprons 22-1/4” and 24-1/4” long.
White apron 26-1/2” long.
Item: Two Horses Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 5121
Description: C. late 19th century hooked rug of two horses in an oval,
with multi-colored leaves in the corners. Colors have
softened over the years. Mounted on an open frame.
Dimension: 25” by 37”
Item: Hooked Mat with Eagle
Inventory #: 5028
Description: C. 1920-30 hooked mat with eagle, surmounted by five stars.
Dimension: 14-1/2" diameter (approximate; out of round)
Item: 1933 Rug
Inventory #: 5026
Description: Unique rug dated 1933 and comprised of men's suit
material and yarn flowers and border. Very creative rug made in
the midst of the Depression. Mounted on a board.
Dimension: 26" by 40-1/4"
Item: Hooked Rug of Two Bears
Inventory #: 5027
Description: Another very folky hooked rug professionally cleaned and mounted
by Kathy and Ken Wilson. An adult and a baby bear look inquisitively at the
observer, against a backdrop of mountains. All is outlined in a multi-color
striped border. I'm told this is c. 1940 from Massachusetts.
Dimension: 25-1/2" by 39"
Item: Hooked Rug of Groom with Horses
Inventory #: 5025
Description: Very folky hooked rug of what appears to be an African-American
groom with two horses. Several colorful buildings are in the upper right background.
Rug was professionally cleaned and mounted by Kathy and Ken Wilson.
Dimension: 18-1/2" by 34-1/2"
Item: Hooked Rug with Lake and Birds
Inventory #: 4995
Description: Early century rug hooked on burlap
with houses in a rural setting on a lake.
Dimension: 23" by 34-3/4"
Item: Folded Wool Rug
Inventory #: 4997
Description: Folded wool pieces in various colors give
texture to this old rug. Great geometric design.
Dimension: 22-3/4" by 41-1/2"
Item: Reindeer Rug
Inventory #: 5007
Description: C. 1900 rug with Scandinavian-type reindeer features. Made using
a type of embroidery, which I'm told is called "satin stitch" or "klostersom" in
Norwegian. Words stamped on the burlap on back might be a pattern name.
Dimension: 19-1/2" by 37-3/4"
Item: Old Needlework
Inventory #: 4971
Description: Repetitive design tapestry, comprised of two panels of four designs
each. The embroidery and needlework are fine and each strip design has subtle
differences in form and color. Could be eastern or northern European, although I
also found some similarities to Greek handwork. Nicely framed, too.
Dimension: 21-1/2" by 26-1/2"
Item: Antique Mennonite Hooked/Shirred Rug
Inventory #: 1297
Description: 19th Century Mennonite rug found in Virginia. Three declining blue rectangles set off a hit-and-miss design in beige, brown and gold. Excellent condition.
Dimension: 38" L, 26-1/2" W
Item: Cornucopia Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 4017
Description: Mid-century oval hooked rug with a lovely
cornucopia in the center. Excellent condition.
Dimension: 47-1/2" L, 34" W
Item: Stained Glass Hooked Mats
Inventory #: 4571
Description: Pair of stool or table mats in the hooked rug stained glass pattern.
These match hooked rug inventory #4570. Each mat re-backed with dark blue
fabric by a previous owner. Mats in excellent condition with no fading.
Dimension: 13-1/2" and 14-1/2" diameter.
Item: Stained Glass Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 4570
Description: C. mid-century stained glass pattern hooked rug in excellent condition with no apparent fading. Matches a pair of hooked stool or table mats (#4571).
Dimension: 37" long, 20" high.
Item: Needlepoint Table Cover or Rug
Inventory #: 4899
Description: C. 1930s beautifully wrought needlepoint table cover.
Excellent condition with light cotton backing. Note the hearts among the
many geometric designs. This is a beauty!
Dimension: 64" long by 45" wide.
Item: Child's Quilt
Inventory #: 4839
Description: 1940s-50s child's quilt. Hand quilted and appliqued
with a dog family leaving church. Also has embroidered details.
Dimension: 51" by 35".
Item: Navajo Rug
Inventory #: 4506
Description: C. first half of last century Navajo rug found in California.
Beautiful colors and condition, with lovely variation in the reds.
Dimension: 64” by 32”
Item: New England Tree Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 4392
Description: Wonderfully folky 19th C. rug hooked on burlap with burlap backing.
Tree design is similar to that seen on some New England painted boxes.
Dimension: 39-1/2” by 43-1/4”
Item: Set of Hooked Rugs
Inventory #: 4390 and 4390a
Description: 19th C. matching set of geometric-design rugs hooked by the
same hand. They are wool on burlap, without a burlap cover backing.
The rugs are stunning and came from a seller in West Virginia.
Dimension: Large: 32-1/2” by 60”; small: 25-1/2” by 44-1/2”.
Item: Early 19th C. Framed Ottoman Cover
Inventory #: 4582
Description: Victorian needlepoint trees on black textile background with two dogs in wonderful heavy dimensional technique. Design is in fine condition, although there are hard-to-see losses to the black backing. Provenance on back indicates piece was made by Victoire Fanchette Rodier, born in Sandwich, Ontario, June 13, 1811.
Dimension: Framed 14” by 15”.
Item: New York Embroidery
Inventory #: 4379
Description: Striking geometric work in this dated 1936 embroidery. We can
decipher selected words such as New York, the Hudson, Madison Ave., but
will leave the rest of the puzzle to the new owner. Unique piece.
Dimension: 22-1/2” diameter in 1-1/4” frame.
Item: Copper Gold and Ivory Quilt
Inventory #: 4261
Description: Pictures do not do this quilt justice! The colors change with the amount and direction of the light. Made of ¾” strips of ivory and a coppery-gold satin on a thin cotton backing. Four strips in a chocolate-brown color at one corner offer a mysterious anomaly to this beautiful piece. A couple small stains don’t detract.
Dimension: 63-1/4“ by 77-1/2”
Item: Sampler
Inventory #: 4162
Description: Beautifully detailed sampler with multiple borders and urns,
a chair, a ship with several flags and more.
Dimension: 9-1/2” by 9-7/8”
Item: Hooked Mat
Inventory #: 4131
Description: Early 20th C. hooked mat of man carrying buckets in front of a house. Scene includes a tree and other outbuildings.
The mat is attached to a board for hanging.
Dimension: 14-3/4” high by 20” wide
Item: “Sweets” Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 4126
Description: What a fun hooked rug! Probably mid-20th century. Looks like a child’s fantasy of food, with an ice cream tricycle, a cookies truck, a balloon (reminds me of a Cahoon painting) with peanut butter and jelly, and much more. Rug was cleaned and worn areas expertly repaired by Kathy Wilson.
Dimension: 65” long by 42” wide.
Item: Scandinavian Pocket Front
Inventory #: 4097
Description: Small wool with cotton and wool embroidered costume pocket, perhaps from Dala Floda, according to our Scandinavian friend.
Excellent condition.
Dimension: 5-3/4” by 4-3/4”
Item: Swedish Wall Hanging
Inventory #: 4096
Description: Mid-20th C. Swedish embroidered wall hanging.
No tears or losses, but faint stain on l/l.
Dimension: 42” by 25”.
Item: Quebec Hooked Rug
Inventory #: 4079
Description: Early 20th C hooked rug marked Quebec, complete with accent aigu!. Good condition with no holes and only slight fading commensurate with age.
Dimension: 18” high by 35.5” wide
Item: Hooked Rug of Swan
Inventory #: 1321
Description: American c 1920s. Great Condition. Found in Iowa.
Dimensions: 38” by 24 1/2”
Item: Needlepoint
Inventory #: 2083
Description: C 1900; probably English
Dimensions: 25” by 25”

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